Some kindie folk looking for support

There are some fellow kindie artists looking to tap the world of crowd source funding to pay for their next CD.  Being the age of Spotify and digital music selling CD’s to fund your projects ain’t what it used to.  Music has always been undervalued.  Every one wants it but no one wants to pay for it.  Well making music isn’t cheap.  Though a side effect of the digital age is that recording costs are more reasonable. But to have a professionally worked finished product takes a bit of money. Recording studios have to pay the rent. Engineers need to eat. Musicians need to be paid for their time.  So with that in mind here is one of my favorite artists that I think you should support.

brady kickstarter


Brady Rymer is one of the best.  His CD Love Me For Who I Am is one of our top three family favorites.  We loved this CD and then found out he wrote it with the help of autistic children.  Brady is one of the good guys in kindie music and I suggest you send some support his way. He’s got 5 days left and he is a little under halfway to his goal. So click on the pic and kick a little kickstarter love his way. You won’t regret it!



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