Deep Woods Revival rocks!


3000 miles is a long time in a car. But family road trips are an American rite of passage. Along with that right of passage one needs the right music along for the ride.  Among the Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer, Los Lobos, Hits from the 70’s, and others. I brought 3 kindie road worthy Cd’s. Josh and the Jamtones (Rocksteady), Ratboy Jr (Hamster Pants) and Red Yarn’s latest Deep Woods Revival.  Let me tell you  when you head off on quiet outback two lane highways Red Yarn is the musical answer.  Deep Woods Revival is like a big ole’ Andy-Furgeson-with-guitarslice of tasty American Pie. Perfect crust, amazing apples and that perfect cohesion that holds all the flavors together. I gotta be honest that I had no idea what Bile That Cabbage Down meant and had to look it up (Bile=Boil).  What I do know is that Andy Ferguson is crushing that opening traditional song (with a modern lyrical twist or two) and the sound of the CD only gets better from there! Red Yarn music is pure Americana and one of the best CD’s I’ve heard.  Andy’s live shows include puppets but with this music I say he may have to one day forget the felt and just play the music cause it’s just that good.  As my kids sang it Ain’t Gonna Rain dozens of times I can only see clear skies ahead for the man and band known as Red Yarn.  Keep up the good music Andy and well keep listening even when we’re not traversing the American landscape. Go support an independent artist today! Check out the video below.

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