Grammy nominees and “The Rymer!”

Congrats to all the nominees who got the invite to the Grammy table this year.  Justin Roberts, Alistair Moock, Elizabeth Mitchell, Beth Neilsen Chapman and Jennifer Gasoi.  I have not had the privilege of listening to Beth or Jenny’s work but know that the other 3 are all excellent. But as it happens in life sometimes excellence gets overlooked. So I’m  starting an unofficial award  on my blog this year called “The Rymer“.  This is in honor of Brady Rymer and the year his CD Love Me for Who I Am didn’t even make the Grammy nominee list.  It was and still is one of the best Children’s CD’s ever released. Period.  Well this years winner and first winner ever of “The Rymer” is Blink of an Eye by Frances England.  As it was a really good year for music in the Kindie music realm works like Frances England’s sometimes slip through the cracks.  Don’t let that happen and go buy a copy today! In my humble opinion it was the best CD of the year.

Frances england blink of an eye

For other great music that came out this year check out my kindie top ten.  Pay no attention to the order as they are all Grammy worthy!


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