Mass destruction and a new kindie video by Eric Herman

bridge 327

Yesterday my friend Patrick asked if I’d like to go to Illinois Institute of Technology to watch some bridge destruction.  Heck yeah! So yesterday evening we attended the 39th Annual Chicago Regional Bridge Building Contest.  The object of the contest is effiency.  Who can hold the most with the least.  You can check out all the rules right here. It’s amazing to see these kids build these cool structures and then load them till they fail. Some spectacularly and some with but a whimper.  Congrats to all that participated it was fun to watch the future of engineering at work.  This years bridge pics aren’t up but you can check out last years pics right here.

Eric Herman is one of the good guys in kindie music and he’s just put out a new video dedicated to his late wife. It’s the first video I have ever posted so check it out.


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