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Gone fishing

20140515_155903Never before had my line jumped like it did on Thursday afternoon.   Being one of the worst fisherman of this age there was surprise as my pole lurched in my hands as the lake tried to pull it from me into the murky depths.  Not to be denied I reeled it in with the power of John Henry swinging his mighty hammer  … So in other words I caught a decent sized fish.  A 16″ walleye to be exact. We took a picture and then threw it back.  We did a lot of that along with more fishing (crappie, bass, northern and more walleye), lots of laughing, great food (we do our own cooking) and the occasional beverage or two.  THE FISHING TRIP started in 1983 on houseboats in Kentucky.  That location became cost prohibitive so it moved around for a while.  Cabins in Heyward, WI. Houseboats on the Illinois River and finally its current destination where it has resided for the last ten years… Chetek, WI or as the trip is now referred to… CHETEK!  It’s a yearly gathering of folks that grew up together in the same neighborhood and spread 20140518_120104out since then to reconnect.  Numbers for the trip fluctuate each year as some new folks come, others stop, weddings, funerals, graduations, etc, get in the way. The core always remains. Most folks return after missing year and the laughing continues.  The trip has a motto… FRIENDS, LAUGHING, FISHING.  I plan on going for another 30 years  and bringing my son when he’s old enough so he can continue the tradition. I’m already looking forward to next year and hopefully catching a couple of big fish.  But it’s still a great trip if I don’t.20140516_210200

If you’re looking for a great place to stay, fish and have fun the Lazy Acres Resort in Chetek Wisconsin is a great place to go.  Bill and Tara are really great people who run a great place!  Tell them I sent ya!