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The Song and the Process. Coconut Radio by Recess Monkey.


I should mention here that the School Break Primates have a a new release coming out Tomorrow, June 17th!!! Their new CD WIRED is really amazing. But I’m not here to talk about WIRED.  This conversation is a long time coming.  A while back I had a Recess Monkey tune I could not get out of my head called Coconut Radio off of Desert Island disc.  Being that Drew Holloway is the primary Recess Monkey writer an inquiry was made to discuss this tune with him on The song and the Process here on the blog.  Well imagine my surprise when he sent me to talk to Jack Forman recess monkey framingas he was the author of this tune.  I did manage a great conversation with Drew which you can read here (What I Was Gonna write…) but always wanted to talk to Jack.  We have finally arrived to talk about the Gilligan’s Island ( an old TV show) inspired Coconut Radio here on The Song and the Process…  Jack Foreman and his uke found the music while hanging around playing on his front porch.  Just a series of chords that found a home.  Nothing planned it really just appeared.  He was learning the Ukulele at the time and found a little magic while banging on his instrument.  So he has this great little melody and it needs some words.  They  weren’t so easy.  That took a bit of doing but he had the Desert/ Gilligan’s Island theme to work with it. If you know the show it was always the professor who could build anything with what was at hand (and had in fact made a coconut battery).  After a few months of working out the lyrics gems like this came around…

“First take a coconut off the ground
Split it open and listen to the sound
That it makes up to your ear
Now fill it up with unspecified electric gear”

   … Two ukes, a bit of singing and they were done. That’s when Korums brother Jherek Bischoff gets a hold of the song.  Let me see what I can add he tells the boys…   It sounds like he added a full orchestral string section!  Jack assures me it was only 3 or 4 players with lots of overdubs. Violin, viola, cello and bass he tells me.  It’s just amazing. In my mind it’s a symphony.  A bit of Brian Wilson magic which the whole CD is full of but do yourself a favor. Go check out this great tune on a great disc.  Then go out and purchase WIRED tomorrow.  Then dance a lot with your family and friends because that’s what we do when listening to Recess Monkey.  GO support a kindie artist today.

WIRED Cover Art_Recess Monkey_72 dpi

School Break Primates (aka Recess Monkey) are at it AGAIN!

WIRED Cover Art_Recess Monkey_72 dpi

I mentioned while talking about Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and his wonderful Imaginary Friend (on The Perfect Quirk, June 24) was sharing space in the coveteded car CD slot with WIRED by Recess Monkey.  This is one my favorite CD’s this year.  I could go on and on about the entire CD. How they recorded in San Francisco with John Vanderslice, recorded it on 2″ tape, a minivan of unused instruments but I already did that in my interview with Drew Hollaway… Opening track Take Your Kid To Work Day is just electric mayhem (sounds like a name for a band…). Seriously this one song gets you pumped up for the whole day. Great funky bass, smokin’ guitar licks and primal drums rhythms all make you want to dance.  Lyrically it’s just so much fun as a kid describesrecess monkey segway a day at dad’s (or moms) workplace. The whole CD is reflected in the vibe of this one song which will be available to you on JUNE 17th.  GO!  This is an amazing CD and you should buy it on pre-sale today. Go support a kindie artist today!

The song that makes you think

Two CD’s have been rocking the coveted car CD slot are WIRED by Recess Monkey (upcoming review, releases June 17) and the upcoming release from Secret Agent 23 Skidoo The Perfect Quirk.

skidoo-photo6-lgThe CD is very popular with my kids especially the songs Pillow Fort Pillow Fight (my daughter) and PJ’s All Day (my son).  But for me the song that really makes it is Imaginary Friend.  What a great song! Lyrically and musically. The idea that the imaginary friend thinks the kid is imaginary is pure genius.  That the two characters come to an agreement that neither is a “co-star” but both get equal billing in the friendship. Musically this is filled with horns, violins and a funky haunted house vibe.  Rapping between the kid and the imaginary friend is a lot of fun which I have come to expect from Mr. Skidoo. Fun.  This is one of the smartest songs I have heard in a long time and I suggest you go and get a copy when it comes out.  I shall be sending a request over to the Skidoo camp to get an interview for my Song and the Process series cause it is really a genius song.  The Perfect Quirk will be available  June 24th.  Go check it out and support a kindie artist today.

perfect quirk


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