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The kindieverse helps out!


This Saturday, February 15th is  the big fundraiser for Brickton Montessori School called THE BIG LEAP.  Tickets are still available and the Poochamungas have a  been working on a special contribution for tthis years event but that is all very top secret! Shhhhhh…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Not so loud… So  I asked a bunch of Kindie artists for some CD donations last minute (if your a kindie artist I forgot to ask don’t worry I’ll get you next year) and the response has been super great.  If you are a fellow artist whose child is looking for items to be donated I would be glad to do the same for your event.  Here is the listed auction item though it looks like a few additional names will be added to this awesome package of music.  Feel free to bid on this super Kindie Music Starter Library!  



Music worth purchasing

Christmas is less than a week away and some folks will still be looking for gifts.  I highly recommend the gift of music for your kids from the kindie world. While I am always biased for the Poochamungas  if your reading this your probably already a fan.  Fortunately there is a lot of great kindie rock music for kids these days.  Here is a link to my top ten for this year.  Also recent post about Istvan and his Imaginary Band, Human Tim/Robot TimSongs I wish I had written and the many other artists talked about on here during the year.  If you have just started reading here awhile back I posted about some CD’s to get you started on a path of excellent kindie music.  Here they are with some updates

Grenadilla – Grenadilla This is a fantasticgrenadilla vocal journey that amazes me to this day.  The whole album is full of happiness and joy.  This is the hidden gem of the bunch.  One of the best  CD’s I have ever heard. The are re-releasing it with new CD art!

The Boogers-  Let’s Go.  If Punk Rock is your thingthe boogers lets go you and your kids will be rocking for hours with this one. The best at what they do…. This year they released Extractum Victoris which has my all time favorite Booger song’s Pandas are Dangerous.

Justin Roberts Pop Fly.  There’s a reason why he jr pop flywas Grammy nominated for Recess this year.  Still Pop Fly is our fav and filled with great, tight pop songs.

The Verve Pipe – A Family Album.thp family album  This is the best kindie CD ever made.  Just great songs and a great band.  Great stuff!  Haven’t had a chance to listen to their newest CD but the few songs I have off of Are We There Yet?   have been excellent,

Okee Dokee Brothers – Take it Outside.  Who knewThe-Okee-Dokee-Brothers-Take-It-Outside bluegrass made for such great family music?  The Okee Dokee Brothers did and this CD is pure energy!… They followed this up with the Grammy winning Can You Canoe?  One of the best kids CD’s ever

The HipwadersThe Golden State.  hipwaders golden stateNothing new this year but this is one the best CD’s ever released with a great California pop sound and lyrically sharp.  It’s for the whole family.

So that concludes a few of the CD’s I think great music gifts for the holidays.  Go support your local kindie artist and buy some today!

Family, KC and back in the studio

At present I have two sick children running fevers in the house after a fun-filled weekend trip with our neighbors.  While they have finally been slowed down, this weekend they totally rocked out.  Literally!  We packed up the vehicles and headed out on Thursday for the KC Jiggle Jam Festival.  We stopped halfway in Des Moines, IA for a water park visit and then proceeded the rest of the way to KC.  If you’re not aware, and many are not, this is the largest independent family music festival in the country and it celebrated its 5th birthday this year.  We of course helped blow out the candles.

Two of my favorite musicians and my daughter

Our friend Jeni Cosgrove and one of the people who has a lot to do with Jiggle Jam and it’s success.


Funky Mama rocks the crowd!

It’s only 10 bucks to get in, in advance or 15 at the gate and the bands they had are great!  Trout Fishing in America, Sugar Free Allstars, The Verve Pipe (family favorites), The Okee Dokee Brothers (great new CD), Funky Mama, our friend Jim Cosgrove (got to throw down some harp with him) and the list goes on.  There are 3 stages of music, 2 arts and crafts tents (both free) and 10$ for a jumpee pass and there were 10 of those.  Plus the hotel we stayed at was across the street with a pool and the mall is right there as well.  Oh yeah, there’s a shooting fountain to cool off right in the middle of everything (it was needed as it was 95!).  This is the most family friendly event you could ever go to and my kids had a great time.  I suggest you pay a visit next year,  Did I mention there is a Legoland and an Aquarium on the grounds as well?  Start planning now!

So this Sunday, June 3rd we are FINALLY headed back to the Kingsize studio.  I am really excited to finish up a few songs.  We have lots of vocal work to do and a few more songs to add.  Nice to be moving forward again!

The performance is the thing, bands that have it and upcoming shows.

Well it’s less than two weeks till our rare “evening gig” at the Independence Tap for FretKnot Friday.  It got me to thinking about bands that I have seen perform in the kindie world who I find truly exceptional.  There are a lot of great acts out there but then there are those who reach to the next level.  The Poochamungas are finding their stride.  We perform the music well which is about 3/4 of the battle.  As a band we hear each other, give each other space on the songs and really have come together as a group over the last three years.  However our performance part could be better.  I think it’s good but I know it can get better and it’s getting there no doubt.  Band/audience interaction is another 20% of the puzzle in my opinion.   Our sax player leading the kids train during Train Rolls On, the sax/ harmonica duels,  banter from the many band members, the animal impersonations and bad jokes.   We get on well with the audience no doubt.  But all that stuff takes practice.  It’s not enough to just play music in the family music realm.  You also have to entertain kids and parents alike if you’re looking play more than once at a location.  So here is my list of 6 bands you should see live, agreed upon by my expert panel. That’d be me and the daughter.

The Boogers – Punk rock kindie trio the best at what they do. Your kids will think so too!

The Not-It’s – Power Pop, great look and the songs  totally rock an audience.  We  Love the tutu’s and ties and so does the audience!

Brady Rymer –  Brady and a Washboard Player rocked 200 people at the James Hotel during Lollapalooza.  Everyone was up and dancing.  His last CD shoulda at least been nominated for a Grammy.

Justin Roberts – What all bands should strive for.  Great pop songs, talented band and a whole lot of fun.  Banter, puppets and dancing for the whole family.

Trout Fishing in America – Great music, no gimmicks.  How 2 guys make so much sound is amazing and their connection with the audience is amazing as well. Listen to the live “Out the Window” recording on Kids Place Live and tell me you don’t feel part of the audience.

This is just our favorite six.  Actually talking to my daughter today she also brought up the Okee Dokee Brothers.  If you like banjo driven bluegrass and great lyrics. We do!  They put on a really good show as a duo or with their full band.  Also you can never go wrong with The Verve Pipe.  The only reason they’re not on the list is I’m still bitter over watching them sing 6 part harmony.  That’s just wrong.  Go see them as they are really good as well.  So that’s our top 8.  I’d better stop now or I’ll never finish.

So the Poochamungas are playing an evening show this coming Friday, April 13th at Fretknot Friday.  It’s held every 2nd Friday at the Independence Tap here in Chicago.  A combination of open mic and bands and started by an  Old Town School of Folk Music members it’s really a lot of fun.  I have attended a few times and because Don our Bass Player is a regular (he was a founding father) and he wanted to bring the band and the band said yes.  So we’ll be playing sometime after 1opm.  Come on by and I’ll buy you a beer and hear some songs we never do.  It’ll be a good time!

Kids titles you should have.

Christmas is coming and while I am not about to start playing holiday jingles in my house quite yet the subject of good kids music came up with another parent in our wiggleworms class today.  Right now there is an abundance of good kindie music out there for new parents looking. They also make great gifts.  I am happy to recommend a few CD’s that I think are truly excellent to get you started and also a few blogs who deal directly with the issue at hand.  Here are 5 titles in different genres to get you started on quality kids music.

Grenadilla – This is a fantastic vocal journey that amazes me to this day.  The whole album is full of happiness and joy.  This is the hidden gem of the bunch.

The Boogers-  Let’s Go.  This is their latest CD and if Punk Rock is your thing you and your kids will be rocking for hours with this one. The best at what they do.

Justin Roberts – Pop Fly.  There’s a reason why he was Grammy nominated for Jungle Gym this year.  Still Pop Fly is our fav and filled with great, tight pop songs.

The Verve Pipe – A Family Album.  This is the best kindie CD ever made.  Just great songs and a great band.  Great stuff!

Okee Dokee Brothers – Take it Outside.  Who knew bluegrass made for such great family music?  The Okee Dokee Brothers did and this CD is pure energy!

These are just to get you started.  These are also my 5 personal favorites and there are many more out there including our very own Poochamungas.   Now in terms of blogs who really follow this stuff you can’t go wrong with Zooglobble.  Stefan does a nice job of sorting though the huge amount of music there is out there these days and lets you know what’s good. The other is  Out with the Kids by Jeff Bogle.  He does a really nice job with music plus gives insights into parenthood from a Dads perspective.  I subscribe to both on Facebook.  So there you have my kindie music primer and a couple of resource to look into.  Talk to everyone soon and have a great day.