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Ageless Kindie songs or just great music!

Pic taken of Chillin and Grillin for a cure with Erin Burns camera by the Frankfort FD.

Chillin’ and Grillin Block Party!

I am guilty.  I have songs on my last CD that are songs about childhood but not really “kids” song so to speak.  My Favorite Summer Day (Block Party) is a fine example of this and yet kids really like this song.  Because kids REALLY like block parties!  So below are a list of songs that I have heard on kids CD’s that are not “kids songs” per say but really good songs for anyone and could and should be played anywhere, anytime on any radio station.

Justin RobertsFruit Jar, Redbird, Looking for Trains.  Justin is really a great songwriter who’s songs have all ages appeal but these three songs could be on any kind of album as they are really ageless great tunes.

The Okee Dokee BrothersCan You Canoe? (Album).   I still contest that this is Grammy winning folk album (it won for best Children’s Album) with a couple of kids songs.  Songs like Along for the Ride, Thousand Star Hotel and Roll on River are great songs that could be played on the radio with no one ever the wiser.  Go buy the CD. It is one of the best kindie albums ever.

Baze and His Silly Friends-Superhero.  It’s alt rock  with catchy guitar riffs an stylistic vocals. Just another kids song? I don’t think so.  Go check it out! 

The Boogers– Everything they play is punk rock. Period. My favorite song is Pandas are Dangerous

Alastair Mooc– Take a Little Walk With Me.  Simple little ballad on a really great CD he wrote while his child was battling leukemia. She cowrote a few of the songs.  But this beutiful, poignant tune could be played anywhere with no one even thinking it was on a “kids” CD.

Frances England – Mind of My Own.  Her new CD Blink of an Eye is Grammy worthy.  It’s that good.  But this song off of her last CD is just a great pop tune about a girl trying to find her independence is just a brilliant piece of writing. It’s a song that belongs on any type of play list.

So these are my first six entries. More to come.  If folks have any suggestions I’d be very happy to hear them! In the meantime go visit and buy some music from the artists listed. Go! You’ll be glad you did.

Getting ready for the BIG SHOW

chicagomusicsummit2013clrwgooglewebIf you follow this page or the band your aware that on September 29th, 2013 at 2pm we have a CD release party at Schubas!!!  October 8th is the official release date.  At the Show we’re gonna have free posters, CD giveaways and lots and lots of FUN!!!  Koo Koo Kangaroo gets the party started and then followed by the ever rocking Poochamungas.  To prepare I have been doing interviews and calling friends and inviting the press and all that other stuff to get the word out!  Tonight I am headed to the first ever Chicago Music Summit at the Hard Rock Hotel to further spread the word of the Poochamungas.  Taking a few business cards and a couple CD’s. Who knows it may be the BIG BREAK for the band.  More likely I meet some neat people and word of Poocahmungas gets spread a little further.

Some of the Music I have been listening to… Baze and His Silly Friends, Josh and the Jamtones, Francis England (reviewed), Justin Roberts (song review), Story Laurie (song review), Lori Henriques (cd review), Okee Dokee Brothers (wife’s request), Dirty Sock Funtime Band, Alistair Moock and others .   I gotta run and go get some brakes fixed. Hope to see you at the big show!

Songs I Wish I had Written

This weeks song is a beautifully written song about hanging out on the Mississippi River by a couple of guys who fooled the who world by letting them think they were buying a children’s music CD but really got an album of great American Folk music or as Poochamungas say “Good Music Knows No Age.”  The fact it went on to win the Children’s Grammy was well-earned. While there are many great songs on The Okee Dokee Brothers CD like the title Track Can you Canoe?, Haul Away Joe, and Brother. CYC_cover_wGrammy The song I wish I had written is Thousand Star Hotel.  It’s a simple but eloquent song about camping on the banks of the Mississippi.  Starting out with a simple banjo, unfolding to a full orchestral sound and then back to the banjo (produced by Dean jones). It takes you on a complete journey in under two minutes. ” I’m sleeping in a Thousand Star Hotel, Gold leaf pillow for my head, feel like a king on a king sized river bed.”  Those are the only words. They set the scene and the music takes you to the grand splendor of a perfect evening along the Mississippi.  One of the cool things about this song is there’s a video of them writing the song and going through the process.  So go check out the video here and buy the CD.   We’ll find another great song soon for Songs I Wish I had Written.

Lots has happened, lots to come and always something to fix!

So due to good fortune, timing and a Mother-in-law who was willing to watch the kids my wife and I  were able to make a trip to NEW ZEALAND!!!   My friend Nick was getting married and invited us to the big day.  What a way to start the new year!!  So off to Kiwiland we were and what a trip it was.  From Aukland to Taranaki and Rotorua and back.  Great views, nice people and lots to do including a ferry to Wahiki (great food and wine at the Mudbrick), swimming in the Tasman Sea (stung by a jellyfish) and visiting geothermic geysers and lakes (Waiotapu).   I will say that when we return in the future we will be bringing the kids along and stay for longer than a week!

A little soap and Kaploey!

A little soap and Kaploey!

Our view of Auckland Harbour

Our view of Auckland Harbour


The morning walk

The morning walk

              So while I have just returned from NZ next month I will be attending the Grammy’s in LA!  All I can say at this point is this is Awesome!!!  I will be going with my friend Jeff Bogle who writes one of my favorite blogs called Out With The Kids.  If you want to know what is currently good in Kids music and music in general I highly recommend his work.   He also does game reviews and writes for Time Out Kids NY as well.  So with him I shall witness my first Grammy awards and more importantly get to see who gets the Childrens Grammy.  This is exciting because The Pop Ups, Bill Harley, Elizabeth Mitchell and our friends The Okee Dokee Brothers are all up for the award.  I have met Bill and seen him perform and he and his nominated CD High Dive are outstanding.  I was lucky enough to catch the Pop Ups at Kindiefest two years ago and they are fantastic and their nomination well earned.  While I am a big fan of Elizabeth Mitchell I have yet to see her perform or meet her but since they are having a show in LA before the Grammy’s I intend to correct that and as for the Okee Dokees…  You can read what I have to say about their CD Can you Canoe? right here…  So Look for me February 10th.  I”ll be way, wayyyyy up in the cheap seats.  If you see me wave and I promise to wave back… 

In the world of Poochamungas we are now in the mixing and overdub stage.  We have recorded 14 songs and now need to add and fix  things as they are needed.  This is very exciting.  I think you the fan are going to be very happy by our efforts because I know I am very pleased with the work so far.  See you all soon!