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Songs you might not have heard.

I got a couple  songs for folks to check out this week.

First up is a song by a band that I heard a few years ago called Llama. The song is Too Much To Soon off the CD Close to the Silence.  Starts with a a powerful drum shuffle, clean acoustic accompany and then into the chorus and BAM!  Power chords rock into the refrain. I can hear a banjo plunking down as well.  It’s quite a smart song and totally rocks out. What’s really impressive about this song is they wrote it when they were in high school!  The song did get featured in the movie Swimfan but the CD is well worth a purchase as well.  They did break up in 2003. You can read about the history of the band here on wikipedia.  Have a listen and wonder why this song didn’t get more play as I do


The other is by one of my favorite local bands called Strain Busy Sky. Not only are they friends of mine the music they put out is off the charts. They won the Lucky Strike Band to Band competition and have toured coast to coast with a really strong Chicago following. It’s been awhile since they recorded.   The song I suggest you give a listen is Racing the Sun which was also the title of their last CD.  Have a listen to this great song and wonder as I do how it didn’t get more radio play