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Some of our favorite Kindie Vids!

I was looking at youtube the other day and noticed some really great kindie videos aren’t getting the views they deserve cause they’re pretty darn good! Here are some of the family favorites

Justin Roberts Obsessed by Trucks.  Who doesn’t have that family member who drives them crazy with a particular obsession?

The HipwadersEducated Kid.  Really great animations with a bit of humor.  One of our favorite bands

The Boogers Pandas are Dangerous.  A great DIY shoot by The Boogers themselves and a punk rock love song disguised by Pandas!

Tim and the Space CadetsSuperhero.  Tim is a busy guy these days with playing bass on Americas Got Talent (houseband), Tambourine Guy with the brilliant Post Modern Jukebox and hanging out with Chica (Sunny Side Up Show).  But before all that he put out one of the all time best kindie videos ever!  You be the judge…

Rooting for Denver

I gotta say my interest in professional sports has waned in the age of ownership greed and the self importance of players.  But I shall be rooting for the Broncos today.  I’d like to cheer for Seattle as I know a bunch of kindie bands rooting for the hawks. Recess Monkey, The Not-Its!, and probably most of the kindiependent artists. But their fraudulent coach makes that an impossibility.  Mr “I’m gonna be a Trojan for the rest of my… Who got caught with the money? See ya!” Carrol ran to the NFL after getting caught leaving his players to suffer his legacy.  Yes the NCAA is a big fat fraud as well.  Not all the players are blameless. But I digress… I do think that QB in Denver should get one more.  Enjoy the game and back to our music programming on Monday.  Go Denver!

denver broncos