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The lullaby that snuck by! ‘Til The Morning by Edie Carey and Sarah Sample

till the morning


Never thought I’d go for a Lullaby album.  Especially one full of covers!  I detest song covers that offer nothing new, especially in the realm of traditional music.  If you’re planning to cover a song I implore, plead and beg  of you to OWN IT.  Make the tune your very own.  Don’t tread the path of repeating a song that’s already been beaten to death.  When I listen to the Edie Carey and Sarah Sample CD Till The Morning: Lullabies and Songs of Comfort.  They take ownership of the material they are covering.  There are 3 originals  (14 songs), the rest are inspired and thought out covers.  California Star is a Bob Dylan song, via Wilco, now via Sarah and Edie is ethereal.  A great new version of an already great song.    The other songs on this disc are expansive, fulfilling, relaxing and tranquil.  It’s a very pretty album with strong vocals, original arrangements and lots of strings.Carey Edie  If you’re looking to unwind for the day with the kids or alone this is a great choice.  It goes perfect with a cup of tea (or something stronger) while sitting on the porch as the sun sets over the neighborhood.  On June 24th the CD becomes available to the public. Click the link and Go support a kindie artist today!

This CD was provided to the author for purposes of review. The opinions  here are his own.