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Back to the writing grind

So inspired am I by the songwriter interviews I have once again put pen to paper and returned to songwriting after taking a hiatus after the last CD.   I worked at it for an hour today which is pretty good considering the kids were home and my son kept telling me to play more as I was working out some lyrics and a bridge I’m having difficulty with.  This leads me to tell you about the article coming up about the Okee Dokee Brothers  this Wednesday not to mention they’ll be playing at the Old Town School of Folk Music on Sunday, February 10th at 11am.  So look forward to the article and go get tickets to the show (you can click on the pic below!). Go support a kindie artist today!


Kindie at Lollapalooza and a song I wish I had written.

Hard rocking pop and a lot of fun!

Hard rocking pop and a lot of fun!

I have mentioned in the past that bands in our genre need to  promote each other.  No one band can play all the gigs and no one wants to listen to the same songs on the mp3 player all the time.  That there is plenty of room for everyone and we only help each other spread the word.  Well here’s my part.  If you read this and are attending Lollapalooza be sure to check out  The Not-Its! today on the kidzapalooza stage around 3pm.  They rock as hard as any power pop band I have ever scene and they are one of my daughters favorite bands.  Smart lyrics, tight riffs and great vocals… Go check em out!

1234Peace and Quiet is the song I can’t get out of my head.  It is off of a CD titled 1,2,3,4 by a great guy and musician Kurt Gallagher.  I mentioned Kurt in an earlier blog post about Kindiefest as a regional guy who makes a living playing music.  Well this song is a fine example of his talent.  A easy, laid back, funky shuffle of a song that nails it about a sibling complaing about the other sibling and their noise making ablility.  It’s funny, smart and ironic.  I love when a song captures a part of life like this one does.   I played it when I hosted the Hilltown Family Variety Show but you can also click the album title link and buy it on Amazon or go to iTunes or wherever.  But buy it.  Buy the whole album!  It’s a great song and I wish I had wrote it.

Songs I wish I had written

SpicyKid-Wallet.inddI want to make this a the first semi regular topic here on the blog.  Sometimes as an artist you hear a song and think to yourself… Wow!  That’s brilliant.   I wish I had written that song.  Well it happened a few weeks ago when listening to the new Lunch Money CD.  Now initially I wasn’t a big fan of the group.  I think Molly Ledford the lead singer/songwriter is amazing and writes smart lyrics but the music on a whole didn’t click with me.  My colleague Jeff Bogle (Out With The Kids) thinks the world of this band so I kept an open mind.  Well one day in the car listening to Spicy Kid on Kids Place Live it hit me what a great tune it is.  I was hooked!  So when I got home with their Spicy Kid CD after Kindiefest I put it on in the car for a proper listen. While the CD is excellent with many great tunes the one that really got me was Translator.  Simple. Poignant. Funny. Brilliant. It’s a one minute and fifty four second love story.  The opening line is “You ask them for a bathroom and they hand you a balloon.”   When you can define a subject and story in one line… Wow!   As a writer you continually work to convey  your  message so simply with such power.  In one minute and fifty four seconds Molly conveys her love for her child better than people who have written novels and filmed movies.   So yes I wish I had written this song.  Lucky for me Molly did and I get to listen.   Besides she’s a better singer!  Go get the song and CD here today!

Songwriting class, songs we are liking and gigs

The Poochamungas are now offering songwriting classes.  Our first class was a fun success at the Skokie Public Library.  We provided the notebooks and the kids provided the ideas.  We ended up with a song called Rainbow to the Zoo.  

Poochamungas Favorite Library!

Riding in the Car.  Didn’t know what to do.  Mom suggested riding a rainbow to a Zoo . You wont find  lions, tigers parrots or bears.  Most of all you got to be aware. Goblins at the gate.  Pegasus roam free.  Unicorn rides are 2pm daily.  Don’t pet the T-Rex  he isn’t very nice.  Pixies run a food stand serving magic rice.

 Riding in the car, didn’t know what to do.  Mom suggested riding a rainbow to a zoo. Riding in the car, didn’t know what to do.  Mom suggested riding. A rainbow to the zoo.  A rainbow to the zoo.

Giant for a zookeeper.    I hear  he’s named Magrew.  Gets more creatures than you ever knew. Three legged Moogles,  elephant with wings,  more and more unusual things. Looking for a snack I won’t tell you twice.  Don’t buy the talking candy it isn’t very nice. Now the day is over, all is said and done. Who knew riding the rainbow could be so much fun! 

Riding in the car, didn’t know what to do.  Mom suggested riding a rainbow to a zoo. Riding in the car, didn’t know what to do.  Mom suggested riding. A rainbow to the zoo.  A rainbow to the zoo. A rainbow to the Zoo! (c) 2012

We are considering putting it on our next CD!

So in the world of kindie music that we are listening two the Okee Dokee Brothers Can you Canoe?  is still in heavy rotation.  The brilliance of this album is it’s not really a kids CD.  It’s a folk CD for the whole family. The music and lyrics are as timeless as the Mississippi which they traveled to write the music..  We have also seen the accompanying DVD 5 times.  A really great set!  Since we also have Kids Place Live in the car we have a few fav’s playing right now.  Johnny Bregars Polly’s Rain Dance is really great.  Caspar Babypants Summer Baby  and the grandsons, jr with Hey, Stop that Dancing up there .  All three of these songs involve much toe tapping and singing.  Check em out if you get the chance.

What a busy couple weeks for the Poochamungas.  We played 3 shows in 7 days and also taught a songwriting class in that time period.  It was a lot of fun though the outside gigs were hot.  Hydration is the key to playing in the heat.  We’ll be plaing again at St. Helens Carnival on August 26th at noon!  Stop on by if you can.