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The Song and the Process. Translator by Molly Ledford of Lunch Money

carportFor the longest time I had been playing with a rhythm on the guitar using harmonics (see Wikipedia for explanation)and a clock like tempo.  I really loved the sound but had yet to develop a song or put words to it.  Imagine my surprise when I first heard Lunch Money’s song Translator and and it had the same rhythmic sound I had been working on (not anymore).  The rhythm perfectly matched with its lyrics conveying a bittersweet message about a small child whom no one understand but the parent who translates for the child.  Bittersweet because the child will one day grow up and not need their translator/parent.  It conveys the frustration of the child and the love of the parent at the same time.  The fact the first line of the song –You ask “where is the bathroom” and they hand you a balloon– Was taken from a supermarket incident with Molly’s lunch money wagonown child  makes it even more special.  So many parents can relate.  Molly says most songs come to her in bits and pieces.  She sings them into her phone (gotta love 21’st century tech) or they are lost forever.  Kind of like when you wake up from a dream and try to remember as the memory starts to fade.  Then she takes the recorded pieces and works on them later.  In this case when she awoke one morning at 8am the whole song pretty much wrote itself.  Inspiration had struck and had given her a nearly completed song. Usually there’s a lot more work involved.  Going back to the recording and working through the many ideas she has put  in their various completed states looking for a home.  She then develops the words and melodies into songs. But this time she got it all.  So she has the words and melody but has to now translate it (bit of irony) for the studio to record. Originally it’s a jolly happy song.  With the growth of the tune comes a bit of sadness.  She’s thinking of using  moog_prodigy_lgcello player Heidi Brown Carey as she has already played on the song Awake but doesn’t want the same sound. Heidi introduces plucking the cello notes in rhythmic/clock time and it’s the perfect vehicle for the lyrics.  Then her husband/engineer (they record at home) Jay lays down some atmospheric  Moog (played by Stevie Wonder and may others) in the background and they’re done. Finished.  They will later take their songs to Old House Studio in Charlotte, NC to have them mixed by Cliff Garges.  I’d say he did a fine job as the whole Spicy Kid album sounds great.  Molly has a few more projects lined up in her near future.  She’s teaming up with Billy Kelly for songs about trees. molly BillyThe just announced this on Facebook the other day.  She is also involved in an all girl band (non-kindie) and has been collaborating with a puppet show to write the soundtrack not to mention another CD about animals at the local shelter. Wow!  She is not one to stand still for long. Do yourself a favor and check out Lunch Money’s last release Spicy Kid and especially Translator. Written from a parents perspective it’s a high quality CD with really superior lyrics that you should give a listen too today!



Songs I Wish I had Written

This weeks song is a beautifully written song about hanging out on the Mississippi River by a couple of guys who fooled the who world by letting them think they were buying a children’s music CD but really got an album of great American Folk music or as Poochamungas say “Good Music Knows No Age.”  The fact it went on to win the Children’s Grammy was well-earned. While there are many great songs on The Okee Dokee Brothers CD like the title Track Can you Canoe?, Haul Away Joe, and Brother. CYC_cover_wGrammy The song I wish I had written is Thousand Star Hotel.  It’s a simple but eloquent song about camping on the banks of the Mississippi.  Starting out with a simple banjo, unfolding to a full orchestral sound and then back to the banjo (produced by Dean jones). It takes you on a complete journey in under two minutes. ” I’m sleeping in a Thousand Star Hotel, Gold leaf pillow for my head, feel like a king on a king sized river bed.”  Those are the only words. They set the scene and the music takes you to the grand splendor of a perfect evening along the Mississippi.  One of the cool things about this song is there’s a video of them writing the song and going through the process.  So go check out the video here and buy the CD.   We’ll find another great song soon for Songs I Wish I had Written.