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Happy Thanksgiving

rockwell turkeyMy favorite Holiday of the year has arrived.  Forget the fireworks, New Year Drunkeness and the over commercialization of Christmas.  Thanksgiving rates #1 in my Holiday catalog. Getting together with loved ones to share a big meal and if your so inclined watch a football game or two. To be thankful for what we have and those we get to share it with is such a novel concept.  So novel many big retailers have completely overlooked it and are going to be open on Thanksgiving moving straight to Christmas.  Which is a shame.  Because those that own those stores have so very much to be thankful for there should be no need to be open.  But I digress…. For me Thanksgiving always brings memories of growing up in our house on Major in Chicago.  Every year we hosted for our family and then later we’d end up by our neighbors the Ott’s.  One year it was filled with snowball fights as we had 8 inches of the white stuff early that year  One year Mr. Ott had canvased the neighbothood with “All You Can Eat Turkey Dinner… .50!” signs with all arrows leading to our house. He then placed BIG sign on our front lawn. Mr. Ott was a bit of a prankster. Now I hope I can give my kids the same kind of memories I grew up with. That they learn to be grateful for the blessings we already have. Speaking of which I gotta make some breakfast for them.  Chocolate chip banana pancakes anyone?  Happy Thanksgiving.