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My daughters first play list

When my daughter was 2 and just before I awakened to the kindie movement.  I took notice of the songs my daughter really enjoyed and burned a CD.  I just found a old Sony Walkman, charged it up and what should I find.  The playlist.  The girl had really good taste and a big Belfast cowboy fan.  Here it is

  • Caldonia- Mos Def
  • Wild Night – Van Morrison
  • 5 More Miles to Go – Edwin Star
  • You Don’t Know – JJ Jackson
  • Jackie Wilson Said – Van Morrison
  • Shake Your Tailfeather – Ray Charles
  • Complicated – Poi Dog Pondering
  • Destination Love – Mos Def
  • Everybody Needs Somebody – Blues Brothers
  • Good Day – Luce
  • She Caught the Katy – Blues Brothers
  • Love is the 7th Wave – Sting
  • Cleaning Windows – Van Morrison
  • It’s The End of The World as We Know It – REM
  • Bright Side of the Road – Van Morrison