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Lollapalooza Recap of Awesome

lolla pooch kidza

WOW!  What a weekend and I have only just recovered.  I actually got to play at Lollapalooza! What an amazing time I had.  Playing on stage with such talented people as Ralph Covert, Little Miss Ann, Mr. Singer, Jeanie B! and of course  Laura Doherty (who put the whole thing together) was such a great experience! Thanks to Laura’s band (Rich, Andy, Mike, Rob and Cat) for making me sound so good.   Many thanks to Tor Hyams for having us perform it was really fantastic!  I also got to jam on harp with Brady Rymer.  Truly a privilege as he is one of the finest entertainers around. Plus his wife Bridgett gave me their extra artist wristband and I was able to attend Saturday and Sunday with my daughter. Win Win!!!  Oh yeah!  There were all sorts of other bands performing and I wish I had been able to see more but the whole weekend felt like you could never catch it all so just enjoy the moment. There were some great moments.

Glen Hansard banana song

Portugal the Man, Ryan Beatty and Glen Hansard on the Kidzapalooza stage.  Short sets of really great music with the artists a mere 10 feet away.  Glen did a acoustic set with Adventure Sandwich coming on for Banana Man which was amazing.  Portugal the Man absolutely killed it and Ryan Beatty truly can sing and his two man band (electric guitar, drums) brought it.  Best stage to see an artist.  If you’re at Lolla next year visiting this stage and The The Grove are a must!


Kidzapalooza village has so much to do for the kids if you bring them.  Temporary tattoos, Drum circles, art projects, etc!  The list goes on. One of the best areas of the festival.

Free Ice Cream in the Artist Lounge from Jeni’s on 3404 N Southport Ave.  Unbelievably good!


When the daughter and I were walking  in the Artist Village Saturday there was a young platinum blonde woman wearing a spandex leopard outfit.  When we went to see Grouplove later the same woman was rocking on stage with this amazing band! We are totally fans.  My daughter insists I buy some of their CD’s very soon!

hozier lolla

The many folks I met riding on Golf carts (which is the official way to travel around for artists due to the size of the event) including a man named Rory. We had a nice conversation about where he’s from in Ireland (I have family there in County Mayo),  the guy he’s playing with named Hozier (he’s the drummer) and the fact he was flying out right after the show back to Ireland.  We caught the last 30 minutes. They were great!

Jeff Bogle of Out With The Kids is a big fan of the Avett Brothers and now I know why. Brilliant set.


Cage dancing girls

Cage the Elephant rocked the schnizzle out of their set with a group of girls dancing in the mud.

Eric Schnabel recommended Benjamin Booker and that man can play guitar.  He should be careful as to where he throws guitar parts after the smashing part… Ouch!

John Wicks of Fitz and the Tantrums and his family couldn’t have been nicer. In fact so many artists, fans and staff were just plain nice.  Whether letting my daughter move up for a better view or taking a photo for us it was refreshing to see courtesy and politeness as the norm.

Rianna coming out to sing with M&M.  The audience was electrified!

The always gracious Rymer family.  Seriously go buy a Brady Rymer CD. They’re pure joy.


Hanging for two days with my daughter at the premiere music festival in Chicago.

Many thanks to my wife who let me go for three days to listen and play music.  It was very much appreciated. Go listen and support an artist today!

Grammy event and a couple shows

recording_academy_logo_lConsidering I took a full tumble off an invisible step while walking over to the venue  I had quite a night at the Grammy Member Celebration (in conjunction with the Chicago Music Summit).  Friday was the main event with all sorts of panels and free music  (alas parenting gets in the way again plus I promised my son I’d play some guitar for his class which was a lot of fun even if I don’t play “Wheels on the Bus”. Gotta learn it.)   But I digress  Thursday was the opening night and meet and greet at the Hard Rock Hotel.carbide hr  I went there to meet people, learn a little and promote the new CD and upcoming release party Sunday, September 29th at 2pm at Schubas (another shameless plug).  There is also another artist having a CD release party on the same day who called me out about it at the party.  Seems another “little” known kindie artist named Justin Roberts has a gig earlier that day  mentioned to me how I didn’t post it on my local gigs chart. So to be fair  next Sunday you can see the…

Poochamungas at Schubas on September 29th at 2pm with Koo Koo Kanga Roo


Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players CD release of Recess is being held at S.P.A.C.E in Evanston at 11am.

Now  I feel better.  The event was filled with some interesting people . I had a really quick but insightful conversation with David Dufresne CEO of Bandzoogle in the lobby.   His diagnosis of the service I use was spot on.  He was on a panel the next day that I couldn’t attended (parenting thing).  People could show their web site and then the panel critiqued them.  Something of a band site beat down!  I so would of volunteered my site and been there just to learn as this is something I could use some professional insight.  Another conversation I had was with Dmitri Vietze of StoryAmp.  It’s a site for artists who can’t afford PR and gives them the tools to reach journalists in their genre.  If your  DIY marketing your band this is something to seriously check out.  I thought it a brilliant idea mind you that if you can afford a good publicist they are priceless. I stress the good part. I also ran into fellow kids music artist Zak Morgan from Cincinnati who was there meeting, greeting and working the room. He’s a former Grammy nominee as well which is pretty cool! I also talked to Ralph Coverts right hand man Rob Gillis about the Windy Kindie get together (I’ll keep you posted). Saw but didn’t get the chance to talk to Ralph.  A nice conversation with Columbia College student Nick Christian who has already produced, plays guitar, trombone and others I can’t remember at the young age of 20. (seriously!)   Learned of a recording space out in Crystal Lake thanks to Jonathan Alvin called Chrome Attic Studios. From his description and what I see on their web page it looks amazing and his rates are competitive as well! There were others met and beers drank and laughs had.  I had a really nice time, learned a few things and met some fellow Academy members.  Thanks Grammy’s!  You through another fun event.

Kindiefest! Days 2-4


Johnny Bregar and Danny Adamson

Bill Childs got his swag bag.

Bill Childs got his swag bag.

After a full night the day before I awoke at 7am looking at the ceiling.  No kids, no place to be till 10am and I awake at 7am!!!  I was not happy.  So I headed down to the lobby for breakfast that is offered by the hotel.   One of the better continental breakfasts I have ever seen. Not just scrambled eggs and sausage but make your own waffles and fresh Brooklyn bagels!!! So after a low carb breakfast of eggs, sausage, a couple of potatoes and water. I headed over to the treadmill to continue working on #alittlelessfat.  While the competition is over the battle is not yet won (I have a ways to go.)   So after 25 minutes on the hamster wheel, a trip to the new man machine I was off to kindiefest.  Arriving at BAM I realized what I had left in Chicago.  My kindiefest badge.  So after registering and getting a replacement my 3rd kindiefest was officially started!  I could go into the different panels I saw and didn’t see.  Or how I missed the Lion and the Bear during showcase because I forgot my wallet back at the hotel (a very big moment of panic).  The was also the feet so sore syndrome affecting many after hours of standing, talking, walking and laughing.  But mostly I came away with two things.  One was “find your own Mississippi River.”  Molly Ledford said this in a panel referring to the Okee Dokee Brothers Grammy winning album Can you Canoe? (we loved it too!)  Stefan Shepard talks about this in his blog better than I can.  Go read it here.   IMG_20130427_145032The other thing that I got was MAKE GREAT MUSIC.  This was repeated during a few panels and ties in with “find your own Mississippi River.”   The music has to inspire you before it inspires others.  Which is what I imagine most of us artists try to do.  I use my kids and my childhood to write my music.  This was mentioned on a few panels.  My motto for the band has become Good Music Knows No Age.  I don’t try to write age or kids specific songs.  I try to write good songs and hope kids like them.  Since I have two kids I tend to write about things they are interested or things from my childhood they can relate to.  So I could ramble on about all the great people I got to talk too, drinks shared, empanadas eaten and weary, weary feet.  I will not.  I will thank Melissa Levis and Bridget Rymer for sharing their piece of wall with me Friday night as I sat and rested weary feet.  A very enlightened conversation.

David Wax Museum were amazing!

David Wax Museum were amazing!

The David Wax Museum for playing music that made me say wow during Sundays festival and the kindie community at large.  I know it goes without saying but the biggest fans of the kindie music are the artists themselves!  It is the generosity of others , their input and help and  makes it possible for me to do what I do.  So thanks to Bill. Tor, Mona and Stephanie for holding another festival.  The next post I will review some of the CD’s I garnered at the festival!

Stefan, Jack and Ralph at the Empanadas truck for lunch.

Stefan, a hidden Johnny,Jack and Ralph at the Empanadas truck for lunch.