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Play Date made a good CD and stole my photographer!

we all shine play date

Last year I had the privilege of playing a couple of my songs at Lollapalooza on the Kidzapalooza stage. Along with the gig I received a free artist guest pass which I gave to my friend and excellent photographer David Kindler. David caught my show and then we went and explored Lolla.  We slipped backstage, hung out at the artists lounge and listened to all the great music. It was a lot of fun. Another kindie band playing on the same stage as I that day was the band Play Date. When David geeked out a bit at seeing them play he quickly pointed out to me that Greg Attonito is the Lead vocalist for the punk band Bouncing Souls (good stuff). I had never heard of them as my punk music knowledge has

Photo by David Kindler

Photo by David T. Kindler

come later in life. Introductions were made. Shanti (Wintergate) and Greg are really nice folks and play some solid kids music as a duo.  We then went our separate Lolla ways.  That is till David got hired as a photographer at Riot Fest a month later and who should happen to be playing… Bouncing Souls. Who should he run into… Greg and Shanti. There’s a story there but I shall leave David to tell it.  Anyway earlier this year I got a text message from my friend David and how he had just finished a secret Ninja Pajama photo shoot with Play Date.  They stole my photographer!  Then in the mail I received an advanced copy of the new Play Date CD from MY publicist and amazing human being Elizabeth Waldman Frazier (Recess Monkey, Laurie Berkner, Laura Doherty). They stole her too!  The humanity!!! Well in all my rage and anger I did manage to listen to the WE ALL SHINE CD and it’s pretty darn good.  Stevie the Fox opens with a happy pop vibe and cool rhythm. Ninja Pajamas is a quirky, rap, one of a kind lullaby but not really. It’s pretty cool.  My favorite song is the total rock out over the top Ruin Your Appetite which totally hearkens to Greg’s punk rock roots. Did I forget to mentions Shanti’s stellar vocals? She really shines on the closing song Goodnight. This is a good listen for the whole family as my kids can attest to. What can I say? It’s hard to stay mad when folks hire quality folks and put out quality product.  Buy this CD and support an independent artist today! I also posted a video below from a previous CD.

The Song and the Process. Pandas are Dangerous by The Boogers.

the boogers stepWhat I love best about Pandas Are Dangerous is that is a Punk Rock Love Song from Paul to his kids and it makes no apologies and takes no prisoners.  Paul Crowe, aka… Crusty Booger of power punk trio THE BOOGERS was watching a video with his wife that was posted on Facebook. It is about a silly panda that’s attacking people which triggered the thought, “Pandas are Dangerous”. It then flowed from there with first the chorus and then the melody.  Paul is another person who sing into his phone (Molly Ledford does as well).  He usually hums into the phone and then “mines that later to see what full ideas  comes together.” Cover_-_Extractum_small_hires_RBG-343x311On Pandas first came the chorus and then the melody.  The song then became a metaphor for the parent child relationship.  How kids are trying to assert their independence from the parental units.  The idea is that each of us has to raise our little pandas and one day the little pandas become big pandas and will raise pandas of their own.  That in the parent/child relationship neither usually sees the compromise necessary to make it work better.  Did I mention Paul is a Doctor in Developmental Psychology (How cool is that? That he understands the psychology of why kids love punk rock music. We had a very cool discussion about that once. A report for another day…)  Paul has composed this tune with lyrics, chorus and melodies so it’s time to record and he takes it to… Himself.  That is correct Paul self produces all of the Boogers music.  You see he gathers up his musicians and records at home.  Actually he gathers up himself to record himself.  While The Boogers are a rocking Power Punk Trio almost all the recorded CD is performed by Paul.  For me this is daunting but for Paul this is how it works best. It “allows him recording freedom”.  Being a father of three he is able to record when the78 musicmaster bass opportunity presents itself. He owns a 78 Musicmaster Bass (named April) and a Gibson Firebird  he plays through Marshall and Mesa Amps. On Pandas he also used a Telecaster thru a Marshall 5 watt for a backround chime sound that blends in.  Given the nature of hard rocking the song is it’s very cool that he uses subtle techniques to keep the music full without overloading it. The simple but full motto has been mentioned here before (Dean Jones).  His son Nathaniel has a lot of input on songs and (Paul) says his family should probably be given credit as his co-producers as they give a lot of feedback on his work.  While he might not record with the band they do rehearse once a week doing 30 songs a practice!!!  Running crusty jump01through them to keep up with the cardio of their show which I have seen and is best called (awesomely) frenetic!  They rock hard till the show ends.  Finish one song and it’s 1, 2, 3, 4 and they drop the hammer again.  Have a listen to the song on the youtube video below and then go buy it. Go buy the whole Extractum Victoris CD. This is a great song by one of my favorite bands that’ll get you pumped up!  Support the artist so they can keep making great music!

Lori Henriques vs The Boogers? Oh yes I did!

KindievskindieOne of the best things about being a kindie music artist is that I get lots of music in exchange for my Poochumungas music.  I trade a lot of CD’s with fellow musicians and get to grow my library.  Well in the last two weeks I have received Lori Henriques and The Boogers!  Talk about completely different styles of music.  One is a cool jazz pianist with great vocals and the other is a hard rockin three-piece power punk machine!  The musical styles couldn’t be more different.  So what to do here when two great CD’s arrive at Poochamungas Blog?  Death Match!  Yeah…. Uh no.  Kids say music is about creativity and life (skipping death metal) so it’s a battle to control the CD player!… Uh no kids say CD player is for old folks they are the iTunes,mp3 generation… sheeesh!   Let’s open with…

LoriHenriquesCDcoverLori Henriques!  Her second effort The World Is A Curious Place To Live doesn’t disappoint.  Her brilliant vocals and jazz piano styling are unique.  No one else does what she’s doing in the kindie world.  She mixes original songs with traditional music played with original lyrics.  What really gets me in her music is the enthusiasm and joy.  When she sings about Everlovin’ Water I had to go get a glass and appreciate where it came from. Ahhhh Refreshing!  Just like the entire CD.  My favorite song on the CD is the opening Curiosity but the remaking of St. James Infirmary into When I look into the Night Sky is ethereal.  She takes a well-known tune and transforms it. I failed to recognize it the first time and it was one of the first songs I ever learned on harmonica.  Have a listen and check out the video link here.  The Album is educational as well which really matters not to me and the kids if the music doesn’t hold.  This one does.  Like a cool breeze though a open window while reading your favorite book. This CD is that good.

The Boogers come out rockin’ one again with Extractum Victoris which isCover_-_Extractum_small_hires_RBG-343x311 a latin title.  Extractum means to extract which is evident but victoris means a couple thing. To be victorious which it lends itself to, but also means conquering which is appropriate. Because The Boogers latest effort is kickin’ ass and conquering the world of punk rock once again.  From covers to originals the CD brings the power, insight and comedy expected from a Boogers album and sees them get better at their craft at the same time.  The opening song It’s a Sunny Day sets the tone with a big electric guitar opening then rolling right into the demand of Gimme Some Pancakes which ends in the ever appropriate and comical… What’s the magic word?  Please.  My favorite is the Pandas are Dangerous. A Lyrically strong, insightful and properly rockin love song.  That right I said it!  You can check out that video hereWith the Boogers it always goes to 11!

So the winner is… The listener.  If you want winners go watch sports!  Music is about creativity and craft and both these artist are great at what they do.  Feel like rocking out with the kids go play The Boogers!  Want to mellow a bit and listen to some jazz piano with one of my favorite vocalists go check out Lori.  No losers here! Go support you local artist and buy their CD’s available on the links below so they can continue making great music.