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Play Date made a good CD and stole my photographer!

we all shine play date

Last year I had the privilege of playing a couple of my songs at Lollapalooza on the Kidzapalooza stage. Along with the gig I received a free artist guest pass which I gave to my friend and excellent photographer David Kindler. David caught my show and then we went and explored Lolla.  We slipped backstage, hung out at the artists lounge and listened to all the great music. It was a lot of fun. Another kindie band playing on the same stage as I that day was the band Play Date. When David geeked out a bit at seeing them play he quickly pointed out to me that Greg Attonito is the Lead vocalist for the punk band Bouncing Souls (good stuff). I had never heard of them as my punk music knowledge has

Photo by David Kindler

Photo by David T. Kindler

come later in life. Introductions were made. Shanti (Wintergate) and Greg are really nice folks and play some solid kids music as a duo.  We then went our separate Lolla ways.  That is till David got hired as a photographer at Riot Fest a month later and who should happen to be playing… Bouncing Souls. Who should he run into… Greg and Shanti. There’s a story there but I shall leave David to tell it.  Anyway earlier this year I got a text message from my friend David and how he had just finished a secret Ninja Pajama photo shoot with Play Date.  They stole my photographer!  Then in the mail I received an advanced copy of the new Play Date CD from MY publicist and amazing human being Elizabeth Waldman Frazier (Recess Monkey, Laurie Berkner, Laura Doherty). They stole her too!  The humanity!!! Well in all my rage and anger I did manage to listen to the WE ALL SHINE CD and it’s pretty darn good.  Stevie the Fox opens with a happy pop vibe and cool rhythm. Ninja Pajamas is a quirky, rap, one of a kind lullaby but not really. It’s pretty cool.  My favorite song is the total rock out over the top Ruin Your Appetite which totally hearkens to Greg’s punk rock roots. Did I forget to mentions Shanti’s stellar vocals? She really shines on the closing song Goodnight. This is a good listen for the whole family as my kids can attest to. What can I say? It’s hard to stay mad when folks hire quality folks and put out quality product.  Buy this CD and support an independent artist today! I also posted a video below from a previous CD.

Dreams of a Gold Gramophone… more of the process of making and selling a CD

Grammy dreamsNow that the new CD is done, packaged and on it’s way it is time to enter it into various programs to be judged.  This is one of the many ways to get exposure so more people become aware of the music.  We have entered into the National Parenting Publication Awards and one other, but the one I’m really want to enter is the GRAMMY AWARDS now that I am a voting member and allowed an entry.  Because my CD is brilliant! It is sure win over the voters and Poochamungas shall walk upon that stage just like the Okee Dokee Brothers did last year…  So goes the scenario in my and many other artists head. The truth of the matter is while the band has had a small amount of success. Not a lot of people know who and what are the Poochamungas.  When I mentioned entering the CD for the Grammy to my publicist Elizabeth Waldman Frazier (Waldmania!) in a email she politely replied that our time and investment (this becomes a marketing thing unto itself) is placed better elsewhere at this point in our career.  That is a painfully honest thing to say.  I won’t say it didn’t hurt a little bit to read in the email, but she is absolutely correct.  Which is one of the reasons I hired her.  Because I have to look no further to fellow artist Brady Rymer and the BRILLIANT (so good it deserves caps!) Love Me For Who I Am.  The fact that it didn’t win is OK, even understandable. The fact it failed to be a nominee was a travesty.  It truly was one of the best written, musically performed CD’s I heard that whole year (2011).  Then you include the fact he wrote it about autism with help and ideas from people with autism, it’s astounding.  On top of that Brady is one of the best live performers  you’ve ever seen in any kind of musical forum and has played all across the country. That leaves little room for Poochamungas getting a nod.  Not that the CD isn’t good enough because I definitely believe so.  It’s just not the only criteria it’s being judged upon.  Maybe the next one we take a shot at the ol’ gold gramophone.   Till then you just keep grinding away at it.