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Quiet for December and Grammy Schmammy.

Right now the Poochamungas are on a bit of a hiatus.  The holidays arrived and we have no gigs till next year.  We have however been busy in the studio making the new magic happen and the work has been going steadily.  Getting the right players in the same room at the same time is always the trouble.  Jobs, kids, work and assorted other stuff are the hurdles that face a lot of bands BEFORE they even play a note.  Note to self… If ever re-incarnated be sure to start a band in you late teens early 20’s.  Fewer distractions and responsibility!  But I digress…

So the Grammy award nominees came out for the children’s music category and the kindie world is a bit upset.  Seems that a lot of bands I never heard of (and I  heard a lot) were nominated.  There are a bunch of websites that dealt with the injustice.  Zooglobble and Out with the Kids, are two that really nail it.  So other than my disappointment in the nominees you should go read those and watch Jeff Bogles video Blog.  Oh and go buy Brady Rymers Love Me for who I Am(He really deserved a nod this year.  That and The Not-Its were the two most popular in this family.)  Do yourself a favor and read the Fids and Kamily top ten.   It’ll give you a really good list of great CD’s put out this year and I blogged a couple of weeks ago about the CD’s you should play to keep your sanity and the kids interested.  Of course don’t forget to get our CD first!