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How Great Can This Day Be?


It’s a really great day anytime Lori Henriques gets around to making another CD. This time unlike her previous two solo efforts Lori has brought the whole band to join her and it only makes her music more awesome. Piano driven jazz is Lori’s avenue of music and this time bass, drums, horns, saw (Yes an actual saw!), flutes, percussion, clarinet and more horns join her on this rambunctious outing.  I love the opening of How Great can This day Be and how positive and cool it makes you feel just listening to it. I Say Woo is my sons Favorites with a funky organ joining in on the grove and finally Another Good Year which closes out a really great CD with a great trumpet solo. Lori’s stellar vocals once again shine throughout the entirety of the disc.  If you haven’t bought a Lori Henriques CD yet this one is well worth the purchase. It would make a great gift for family, friends, neighbors and classmates as it it is the season….  I hope she submits this gem of an album for the Grammy’s next year as she already has my vote. I’d add it to my top ten-ish this year but it’s gonna have to wait till next year. But don’t wait to purchase it!  Go support an independent artist and buy this music today! Be sure to check out the title track video below.

This CD was sent to me for reviewing purposes but the opinion stated is my very own.


Lori Henriques vs The Boogers? Oh yes I did!

KindievskindieOne of the best things about being a kindie music artist is that I get lots of music in exchange for my Poochumungas music.  I trade a lot of CD’s with fellow musicians and get to grow my library.  Well in the last two weeks I have received Lori Henriques and The Boogers!  Talk about completely different styles of music.  One is a cool jazz pianist with great vocals and the other is a hard rockin three-piece power punk machine!  The musical styles couldn’t be more different.  So what to do here when two great CD’s arrive at Poochamungas Blog?  Death Match!  Yeah…. Uh no.  Kids say music is about creativity and life (skipping death metal) so it’s a battle to control the CD player!… Uh no kids say CD player is for old folks they are the iTunes,mp3 generation… sheeesh!   Let’s open with…

LoriHenriquesCDcoverLori Henriques!  Her second effort The World Is A Curious Place To Live doesn’t disappoint.  Her brilliant vocals and jazz piano styling are unique.  No one else does what she’s doing in the kindie world.  She mixes original songs with traditional music played with original lyrics.  What really gets me in her music is the enthusiasm and joy.  When she sings about Everlovin’ Water I had to go get a glass and appreciate where it came from. Ahhhh Refreshing!  Just like the entire CD.  My favorite song on the CD is the opening Curiosity but the remaking of St. James Infirmary into When I look into the Night Sky is ethereal.  She takes a well-known tune and transforms it. I failed to recognize it the first time and it was one of the first songs I ever learned on harmonica.  Have a listen and check out the video link here.  The Album is educational as well which really matters not to me and the kids if the music doesn’t hold.  This one does.  Like a cool breeze though a open window while reading your favorite book. This CD is that good.

The Boogers come out rockin’ one again with Extractum Victoris which isCover_-_Extractum_small_hires_RBG-343x311 a latin title.  Extractum means to extract which is evident but victoris means a couple thing. To be victorious which it lends itself to, but also means conquering which is appropriate. Because The Boogers latest effort is kickin’ ass and conquering the world of punk rock once again.  From covers to originals the CD brings the power, insight and comedy expected from a Boogers album and sees them get better at their craft at the same time.  The opening song It’s a Sunny Day sets the tone with a big electric guitar opening then rolling right into the demand of Gimme Some Pancakes which ends in the ever appropriate and comical… What’s the magic word?  Please.  My favorite is the Pandas are Dangerous. A Lyrically strong, insightful and properly rockin love song.  That right I said it!  You can check out that video hereWith the Boogers it always goes to 11!

So the winner is… The listener.  If you want winners go watch sports!  Music is about creativity and craft and both these artist are great at what they do.  Feel like rocking out with the kids go play The Boogers!  Want to mellow a bit and listen to some jazz piano with one of my favorite vocalists go check out Lori.  No losers here! Go support you local artist and buy their CD’s available on the links below so they can continue making great music.