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KindieComm things to do…


I am headed to KindieComm. A conference of my kindie peers and I am a bit excited to meet some new people and talk to old friends. Here are 11 Things I hope to accomplish while I am in the city of Brotherly Love…

  1.  Share a beer with the Legendary  Kathy O’Connel(Kids Corner)
  2. Hang out with the Jim Cosgrove and family
  3. Watch Seanster and the Monsters perform (Great CD!)
  4. The Liberty Bell
  5. Visit old Pine Forest Camp friends
  6. Go eat at a LA diner with KPL’s Mindy Thomas, Kenny Curtis, and The Okee Dokee Brothers. Wait I did that while Rolling with the Bogle ! So…
  7. Rollin’ with the (OWTK) Bogle…  PART DEUX!
  8. Hanging with Joanie Leeds Drummer (we never mention him by name)
  9. Hear great new music
  10. Book a gig or 2
  11. Laugh a lot

So if you’re at the conference be sure to stop by and say Hi!

Happy Easter and recording next Sunday!!!

The bunny eared Pooch

The bunny eared Pooch!

A very Happy Easter to all the Poochamungas fans.  Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Sunday as we are right now.  All the sunless lousy weather days make you appreciate days like today.  We spent the morning riding bikes and playing guitars out in front of the house.  I hope to get a walk in while my son naps.  If you missed an earlier post I have a fitness bet with Jeff Bogle at Out With The Kids (Kindie Rock Fitness Challenge) so I have to stay after it.  You can read about it here or follow on twitter at #alittleless fat.   I suggest you go enjoy the weather and I promise to do the same.  Fitness walk here I come.


Next Sunday we hope to complete the Poochamungas Next CD Block Party!  We’re  headed back to Kingisize to add some instruments, vocals and final mixing and mastering.  If you’ve visited our Reverbnation page some of the new songs have been posted and we gave away some free downloads as well.  We shall be posting some more new songs  in the future as well.  We have pushed the release date to July so we can properly promote the CD this time. Photos, PR and other stuff to do before the release.  Lots to do, Lots to do!

Lots has happened, lots to come and always something to fix!

So due to good fortune, timing and a Mother-in-law who was willing to watch the kids my wife and I  were able to make a trip to NEW ZEALAND!!!   My friend Nick was getting married and invited us to the big day.  What a way to start the new year!!  So off to Kiwiland we were and what a trip it was.  From Aukland to Taranaki and Rotorua and back.  Great views, nice people and lots to do including a ferry to Wahiki (great food and wine at the Mudbrick), swimming in the Tasman Sea (stung by a jellyfish) and visiting geothermic geysers and lakes (Waiotapu).   I will say that when we return in the future we will be bringing the kids along and stay for longer than a week!

A little soap and Kaploey!

A little soap and Kaploey!

Our view of Auckland Harbour

Our view of Auckland Harbour


The morning walk

The morning walk

              So while I have just returned from NZ next month I will be attending the Grammy’s in LA!  All I can say at this point is this is Awesome!!!  I will be going with my friend Jeff Bogle who writes one of my favorite blogs called Out With The Kids.  If you want to know what is currently good in Kids music and music in general I highly recommend his work.   He also does game reviews and writes for Time Out Kids NY as well.  So with him I shall witness my first Grammy awards and more importantly get to see who gets the Childrens Grammy.  This is exciting because The Pop Ups, Bill Harley, Elizabeth Mitchell and our friends The Okee Dokee Brothers are all up for the award.  I have met Bill and seen him perform and he and his nominated CD High Dive are outstanding.  I was lucky enough to catch the Pop Ups at Kindiefest two years ago and they are fantastic and their nomination well earned.  While I am a big fan of Elizabeth Mitchell I have yet to see her perform or meet her but since they are having a show in LA before the Grammy’s I intend to correct that and as for the Okee Dokees…  You can read what I have to say about their CD Can you Canoe? right here…  So Look for me February 10th.  I”ll be way, wayyyyy up in the cheap seats.  If you see me wave and I promise to wave back… 

In the world of Poochamungas we are now in the mixing and overdub stage.  We have recorded 14 songs and now need to add and fix  things as they are needed.  This is very exciting.  I think you the fan are going to be very happy by our efforts because I know I am very pleased with the work so far.  See you all soon!

Bad opinions, counting my blessings and thanks!

So if you follow the kids music scene here on the internet recently a debate on the value of kids music was held on WHYY’s Radio Times regarding the value of kids music. Music Critic Tom Moon (1000 recordings to hear before you die) “hates, hates” kids music by his own definition and Jeff Bogle of Out with the Kids is a kindie music, toy and movie reviewer.  Tom feels if you aim your music toward a certain group it somehow limits the listener and that “adult” music is fine.  I could go onto great length why Tom is wrong but Jeff and also Stefan on Zooglooble have gone to great length to explain this. Just because you write for a certain genre (blues, rock, pop, country, soul, funk, punk, children) doesn’t lessen the value of said song and truly great songs will separate themselves from said genre.  I write songs with a kids slant but I write music for ALL to hear.

2011 was a really tough year for a lot of people.   A bad economy with no jobs.   Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and the destruction Mother Nature causes frightening in its reality.  The things man does in the name of god, religion, greed and power even more frightening.  I hope all of those who experienced loss and tragedy are able to find peace and love this year.  We experienced loss in our family this year close to home and  in spite of my own losses this year I am thankful for the family and friends I have who love and support me no matter what.  Thankful for wife and kids, the house we live in and the life we are able to live.  Thankful for the opportunity to play the music I write and find people who are willing to help see those songs come to life.

So thanks to my wife who supports me in these adventures.  Thanks to my parents who raised me right with love, support and the occasional kick in the rear and my other family and friends who have done the same. Thanks to my kids who show me everyday how to love and be loved selflessly.  Thanks to the band who make the Poochamungas possible and take the fledgling songs I write and make them real.  And of course thanks to you the reader for taking the time to read this.  Thank you all and god bless everyone.  May 2012 be a really good year.

Quiet for December and Grammy Schmammy.

Right now the Poochamungas are on a bit of a hiatus.  The holidays arrived and we have no gigs till next year.  We have however been busy in the studio making the new magic happen and the work has been going steadily.  Getting the right players in the same room at the same time is always the trouble.  Jobs, kids, work and assorted other stuff are the hurdles that face a lot of bands BEFORE they even play a note.  Note to self… If ever re-incarnated be sure to start a band in you late teens early 20’s.  Fewer distractions and responsibility!  But I digress…

So the Grammy award nominees came out for the children’s music category and the kindie world is a bit upset.  Seems that a lot of bands I never heard of (and I  heard a lot) were nominated.  There are a bunch of websites that dealt with the injustice.  Zooglobble and Out with the Kids, are two that really nail it.  So other than my disappointment in the nominees you should go read those and watch Jeff Bogles video Blog.  Oh and go buy Brady Rymers Love Me for who I Am(He really deserved a nod this year.  That and The Not-Its were the two most popular in this family.)  Do yourself a favor and read the Fids and Kamily top ten.   It’ll give you a really good list of great CD’s put out this year and I blogged a couple of weeks ago about the CD’s you should play to keep your sanity and the kids interested.  Of course don’t forget to get our CD first!