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Don’t call it “kiddie music”… It’s rock n’ roll to me!

ROcksteady Josh and the Jamtones

Nobody rocks harder than Josh and the Jamtones. Period.  Other bands are equal too but nobody surpasses the kinetic energy this band brings to shows and CD’s. Once they get moving this Jam is hard to stop!  I’d class them sharing the most energetic kindie band title with The Not-Its (one of our favorites and awesome live shows!).  These are bands that can rock out with anyone.  Don’t just call it “kiddie music.” There is a whole lot going on here for the whole family!  On their upcoming release Rocksteady, Josh and the Jamtones folk Josh Jamtonesbring all that power once again. Not only that but I think this is their most cohesive effort to date. Don’t misunderstand me. The music is always infectious, horn powered and rocking!  While I loved the music I found the narration on their  last effort  Bear Hunt a little distracting. However my kids found it hilarious. So-what-do-I-know???  On this one the whole clan is in agreement and Rocksteady has been sharing space in the much vaunted car CD player with Red Yarn’s upcoming release (review next week). The groves and vibes are so good on this CD it’d make Pooh forget about honey, Snow White forget about that poison apple and Scrooge a good tipper!  Rocksteady is a infectious, skatastic driven, old school, original  horn powered reggae music festival of kinetic joy!  When it comes out GO BUY IT!  The CD releases on August 21st and will be available at the Jamtones page plus iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.  Go support an independent artist today!!!  Check out the first video from the new CD Rocksteady below!!!


We have finally arrived.  Todays the big day!  Tell your family, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, acquaintances, coworkers and colleagues!  Block Party! has hit the shelves and you should be buying many copies as treats for tricker’ treaters and stocking stuffers for Christmas!  Thanks to everyone who made the CD possible and thanks to everyone who supported us!  The road hasn’t been easy to get here but I think it has definitely been worth the journey. Plus it’s National Fire Safety Week and we have a Fire Engine on the front of the CD and a great Fire Engine/Truck song called Big Red!

Art by Joe Somers

Art by Joe Somers

We just got a few more great reviews so check out the links below and then go buy it on CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes.



High Honor Roll, passed gig and state of the CD

So I was walking the halls of my daughters school the other day which is a rare thing as she takes classes in the boxes in the back.  You know the ones they put up when they need new classrooms but can’t afford to build a new building.  The ones that were only supposed to be used for 5 years and we’re on year 10.  Well on Mondays my daughter has an after school program in the main building.  I  usually try to get there a little early to see if there’s any info on the bulletin boards, etc,  that I never get to check out.  So imagine my surprise when I see a bunch of different lists for the 3 honor rolls they have.  Imagine my further surprise when I look to the High Honors and there in the Middle of the list is my daughter.  So later when I ask my daughter did she know she was on the High Honor Roll she says No.  Not no like disappointed. No like  not a care in the world about it.  Which makes me even prouder.  She’s smart and humble and a really nice person so we must be doing something right so far.  Still would have been nice for the school to let us know rather than I find our by pure dumb luck.  Plus earlier in the week she made Student of the Month for her class.  That she told us about.

So we had a gig at the Blues bar this Sunday to our smallest audience yet.  The band was only a 5 piece and we sounded good.  We had rehearsed as a 4 piece on Tuesday with acoustic and electric guitar, bass and drums. Plus a little harp.  So we were ready to go on Sunday.  Nancy joined us on Sunday and her vocals were great as always.  So away we went with a small but highly enthusiastic crowd,  ripped thru our set and made sure to end before 1pm because of a baby shower happening right after our show.  Come see us at our next gig on July 15th at Island in the City when we should play with the full band some of the new stuff off of our upcoming CD which brings me too…

Work on the new CD has slowed.  People have been busy and schedules have not cooperated.  I did manage to get a great bunch of kids in the studio to work on the kids chorus and some select  travel quotes for a certain traveling song.  They were really great as were the parents who came as well.  Pizza, soda, fruit, veggies and juice boxes were enjoyed by all.  Many thanks for a job well done.  We are still planning on a CD release date in the fall so look for it and updates here.  Also does anyone who reads this have any experience with kickstarter, indie go-go?  Looking into those to maybe help with the cost of making a CD.  This also allows people to become part of the process.  Let me know what you know and  what you think about this.  Also we are now giving away copies of the Mommies Song in honor of Mothers day.  Just click on Mommies song and it’ll take you to our page on CD Baby.  It’s track #10 and it’s free till mother’s day.  Have a great day and be back here soon