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A song you need to hear

The most recent Saturday I had the opportunity to play and hang with a bunch of Chicago kindie musicians.   Well at the gig I got a copy of Mr. Dave’s recent solo effort not specifically directed at kids and families (we swapped CD’s).  The name of the CD is Crow and Raven and the song I really like is Waiting So Long.  It’s a easy going, laid back love song he wrote to his wife. How do I know this.  There’s a video.  The thing about the video is he shot most of it ON HIS WEDDING DAY!  Seriously?   I know my wife loves me but I don’t know if I would of thrown the “Hey Honey! Is it OK if we shoot a music video during the wedding?”  But his wife agreed  (she looks great!).  The genius of the video is the genuine feel  it gives of two folks in love.  Lyrically speaking of Waiting So Long for the ONE it’s the perfect visual foil for the song (Kudos to Robert Conaway for his camerawork and editing). That combined with a catchy bass, subtle guitar riffs, simple percussion and some really great harmonies the sound becomes greater than it’s components. Which is always very cool.  This is a song you should hear, see and then tell your friends about.  I know I am.  Go support your local independent musician today and buy a copy. Visit the link below.


Next week and tomorrow is the Big Day

Next week here at A Man, A Band and A Plan I will have a couple of bonified super duper interviews.  First I have a talk with Drew Holloway of Recess Monkey discussing the musical growth of the Recess Monkey who play some pretty darn cool music.  Then it’s a  return to the Song and the Process and an interview with Dan Zanes and one of my all time favorite songs Wonder Wheel!  Stop on by next week it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

tim stolie

Human Tim and Super Stolie!

Tomorrow the Poochamungas take the stage at Lincoln Hall.  many of Chicago’s finest kindie rockers will be there playing a couple of songs and acting all kinds of silly.  The rehearsal on Thursday went well and was really a lot of fun.  Getting to hang out and play music is the whole idea anyway.  There was food, beverages and a whole lot of good music. The show looks to be a great time so go and get your tickets today! Remember it’s SATURDAY, MARCH 8 AT 3PM.


Saturday is the BIG DAY!

I know I have mentioned it a few times this week but in case you missed it the BIG SHOW is happening this Saturday, March 8 at 3pm.  The venue is Lincoln Hall and the doors open at 2 and the show starts at 3.  It’s gonna be a really fun time with lots of great music, dancing and silliness.  Every ticket purchase includes a FREE download of the Band Together CD.  The event supports The Music Intonation Workshop (IMW) their mission is to

  • Empower children to become rock stars on every stage of life through innovative music education. IMW’s in-school, after-school, and summer programs provide year-round access to instruments, instruction, performance opportunities, and mentorship to youth age 6-17 in Chicago who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. Through the process of learning to play instruments and working together with their peers, IMW students have the chance to get involved, learn new skills, express their creativity, and find their niche by playing in a pop band.

A good cause, great music and they even serve up some tasty food.  Stop on by you’ll be glad you did!band together bands

One week from today… Band Together!

bad together

Our next gig will be a week from today,  Saturday, March 8th at 3pm,  Lincoln Hall.   Poochamugas will be part of a benefit for The Intonation Music Workshops.  We’ll be playing two songs in the middle of the show.  I was lucky enough to do a cooking spot on WGN and shamelessly plug the show.  The one thing I didn’t get to do is plug the bands that are playing and so here are the artists performing…

I’m looking forward to a great time and hope that you and yours are able to attend the show.  Every adult attending gets a free download of the CD and a great concert to boot! Stop on by and get your groove on. Click the link on the picture below!

band together bands