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I started a music series because I didn’t have enough to do and back in the studio.

So in my effort to spread the music of “kindie” I started a series called Boppin’ and Burgers.  The Boppin and Burgers Family Music Series takes place every 3rd weekend during the school year.  It was born out of opportunity.  One afternoon after visiting my friend Donna in Mt. Prospect I stopped into a new restaurant venue called the Blues Bar out of curiosity with my daughter.  I wanted to see the place and try their food which I heard was good.  Well their BBQ is excellent to this day as is the rest of the menu.  The smoke all their own meat.  If you go to the back of the restaurant you can smell the wonderful aroma.  But I digress…  During lunch (awesome pulled pork sandwich) I asked waiter/bartender/manager Matt if they would be interested in having a kids band, mine, perform on a weekend afternoon.  After deliberating for about a second he said absolutely.  So later in September 2010  Poochamungas played the first kids show there ever.  After a successful show and really good draw I asked if he would be interested in a monthly series with different bands. He said yes and the series was born.  We could collect donations for the band, the venue provided sound (Joe and his crew do a great job) and they would run food specials.  We are now in our second full season.  We have had national acts Joanie Leeds and Jim Cosgrove venture out on our stage plus all the great local talent (Laura Doherty, Mindy Hester, Jeanie B!, The Boogers) which is why we started the whole thing.  So if you’re not busy today come support Little Miss Ann and her band today at noon at the Blues Bar in Mt Prospect, Il.  Spread the word as the $5 donation at the door  goes to the directly to the artist.  Send an email to poochamungas (at) yahoo.com if your an artist interested in playing or if you’re a fan interested in bringing in an artist.  Stop on by and join the Boppin and Burgers Facebook page for upcoming bands!

So we were back Kingsize Sound Labs Chicago studio last Sunday and got significant work done on three more songs.  Whenever we are in the studio we get stuff done.  It’s coordinating everyone schedule to actually get into the studio that’s the difficult part.  So while things aren’t happening as fast as I hope things are progressing and the work is sounding really good.  Between Alton’s producing and John Abbeys Mixing I am really pleased with the sound we are getting.  Stay tuned and we shall have a sneak peek for our regular readers and Facebook fans next month!