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My daughters first play list

When my daughter was 2 and just before I awakened to the kindie movement.  I took notice of the songs my daughter really enjoyed and burned a CD.  I just found a old Sony Walkman, charged it up and what should I find.  The playlist.  The girl had really good taste and a big Belfast cowboy fan.  Here it is

  • Caldonia- Mos Def
  • Wild Night – Van Morrison
  • 5 More Miles to Go – Edwin Star
  • You Don’t Know – JJ Jackson
  • Jackie Wilson Said – Van Morrison
  • Shake Your Tailfeather – Ray Charles
  • Complicated – Poi Dog Pondering
  • Destination Love – Mos Def
  • Everybody Needs Somebody – Blues Brothers
  • Good Day – Luce
  • She Caught the Katy – Blues Brothers
  • Love is the 7th Wave – Sting
  • Cleaning Windows – Van Morrison
  • It’s The End of The World as We Know It – REM
  • Bright Side of the Road – Van Morrison

Songs I like but you may not have heard

A pretty good day

A pretty good day

So I have been going through a bunch of my CD’s that were in a stack in the living room drawer and have been ripping them to my laptop.  A couple of the songs that stand out for me are about slice of life.  Small stories about lifes happenings with a bit of a nostalgic feel. Similar to a few songs I have written.  One of them got a lot of airplay here in Chicago, was featured in the movie 13 going on 30 and Wilkepedia says  peaked at #39 on Billboard.  The other one is by a very talented local artist who if you haven’t heard of I am happy to make the introduction.

The first song is “Good Dayby the band Luce  (click for live version.) This song just always puts me in a good mood.  This is actually a day in the life song to be specific. Lyrics like
So I lace my boots up and step outside
Catch a cab because my car died
And I go to work with my friend Dan
Paintin’ houses the best we can”    What I like best of the song is the easy, rolling feeling of the day.  Things happen and you just keep going whether they’re bad or good.  About appreciating the moment and moving forward.  Plus a killer horn section complimenting the musical groove.  One of my favorite songs of the last 10 years.  Tom Luce the author really did an excellent job penning this tune.  Have a listen and I promise your day just got a little better.

red wagonThe other song I learned about when the band was recording over at Kingsize Sound Labs.  I was going through the John Abbey CD collection when I found Daytime Fireflies by Emily Hurd.  He had produced it and offered me a CD to take home.  The first song on the CD blew me away called “Kids in Red Wagons” (song and lyrics at the link).  It’s about remembering youth which is a lot of what I do in my writing.   The refrain perfectly captures a moment that repeats in time always reminding the author of what was.                                                                                                                       “When the sidewalks are flowing and the windows are open,
Then nobody feels like they are lonely.
When the time starts a-draggin like the kids in the red wagons,
Then we’ll always have Chicago, won’t we?  Emily is a very talented songwriter and it is well illustrated within this song.  Go check out her new band as well Stone Blind Valentine

That’s all today.  Just a couple song examples I think exemplify the craft.  Feel free to make suggestions for other songs to listen to in the comments section below.  Band schedule and CD update’s the next time I visit here!