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Happy Holidays and a song I wish I had wrote…

So Influenza Type A paid this lad a visit just before Christmas.  Not the gift I had been looking for but thanks to some rest and recuperation (my wife was a great help!) I am back to nearly myself.  Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and looking forward to a Happy New Year.  I shall have my year in review in a day or two.  Also the other day one of our family favorite songs came on Kids Place Live.  Rattling Can by Key Wilde and Mr. Clark.  Its part science lesson and an Irish drinking song all wrapped up into one.  What a raucus good time song it is. Trying to sing along is half the fun as the kids and I try the navigate the increasing story.  It quailifies as a song I wish I had written. My only complaint is the video isn’t racous enough!  Check out the video by clicking on the song title or buy it by clicking on the photo.  Their latest CD Pleased to Meet You is on a lot of best of lists.  Go support a kindie artist today!