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One of those days

smokinAt work yesterday morning  the fire trucks brakes didn’t work.  Not enough air pressure in the rear breaks so they don’t release properly.  Nomally you head to the shops to get them fixed.  Nope.  We changed quarters to another company as ordered and arrived there with the brakes-a-smokin’.  Then they tell us we are out of service and we headed to the  shops.  A passing car informs us the rig is on fire.  We pull over and sure enough there are flames.  Using our hand pumps we extinguish the flaming brakes.  We extinguish the brakes again at the shops truck yard. Then we change rigs in 95 degree heat and miss a fire where we are first due.  If anything it’s been an interesting day and then night.

truck on fire Well it seems the day wasn’t going to be complete unless we went to a fire of our own.  At approximately  3 in the morning Wrigleyville had their second fire in 24 hours. 3 hours after I originally posted this.  We went to a still in box and fought a pretty good fire to end the shift.  One of those days indeed.