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SNOW and cold

More shoveling ahead

More shoveling ahead

Seems to be the theme of this winter.  There was a Dad 2.0 conference this weekend in New Orleans this weekend. I was hoping to go and promote the kids music scene and connect with fellow dad bloggers I talk to on the web.  Mostly I wish I had gone because it’s warm and lacks snow. But even though it’s 16 degrees (practically balmy) right now I don’t really mind so much as the sun has returned.  To all my fellow folks out there who have had to shovel (crossfit for the home) the 40+ inches of accumulation  this year I feel your pain.  Reminds me of the winters we had growing up.  Totally remember the winter of 79′ which from my perspective was pretty darn cool!  We built miles of tunnels and supper cool snow forts and igloos!  This brings me to my kids who have quite enjoyed digging snow forts and sledding themselves.  Which is what makes snow so cool. Plus they don’t mind a snow day or two.  So while us parents pine for warmer days ahead better layer up and head out to your local sledding hill. It’s all about the kids after all.

A pretty good day

Where I’d rather be today. Santa Monica State Beach

Snow day and Poochamungas music for sale… in some unexpected places.

CYC_cover_wGrammyAs the family sits in the house on a -18 degree day here in Chicago we have The Okee Dokee Brothers playing and my wife comments that it’s one of her favorite CD’s.  Can You Canoe? is really good and while I may feel a twinge of jealousy  it is a great CD.  So good tunes and family times are the order of the day.

In other news it seems the Poochamungas new CD is availble for sale in a few places I would of never guessed.  I shan’t mention who is selling as I will not promote the business of those who sell what I worked so hard to produce for so little.  Is it a free one I gave to a family or maybe an unscrupulous reviewer as mentioned by Justin Roberts. One of them is using a  photo of the cover that was a finalist but didn’t actually get used so how cheesy is that. Prices range from 13.71 to 1.99.  All are selling new in the cellophane CD’s.  If online pirated music wasn’t the major problem for most artists this might actually be a bigger problem rather than the annoyance it is. Since I list on CD Baby all sorts of sites sell my music including Best Buy and Sears.  Who knew?  Those I’ll get paid from if they make a sale. So go buy a CD and  support your local kindie artist today!