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RIP Boston Brothers Ed Walsh and Mike Kennedy

boston fdThe tragedy in Boston has struck home as two firefighters made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty yesterday.  If you are up to it I’d suggest giving a listen to the tape of the radio traffic at the incident at 298 Beacon St.  It is chilling.  My prayers go out to the families of those men and the firefighters who now bear the weight of this tragedy.  If you’d like to help please click on the link below and send a few dollars. Please remember when politicians and others yell about how the fireman pensions cost to much that some never get to collect because of the job they do. God Bless Boston FD.


Mixed and Mastered!!!

My temporary waterfront property!

My temporary waterfront property!

After such an incredulous week with Boston bombing and the Texas explosion not to mention a flooded Chicago, it’s nice to get some good news and spread it around.  We haven’t cured cancer or found the solution to world peace but rather the Poochamungas have finished our second CD.  We have recorded, tracked, overdubbed, added, subtracted, pondered, changed, mixed and finally mastered our upcoming album BLOCK PARTY!   It will be released in August.  Still a few things to do like Band Photos, Album Art, PR, booking gigs, liner notes, etc, etc, etc.  In other words lots of work to do.  Now it’s one step at a time and trying to put our best foot forward.  I think your going to like the results.  I’ll keep you posted here