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School Break Primates (aka Recess Monkey) are at it AGAIN!

WIRED Cover Art_Recess Monkey_72 dpi

I mentioned while talking about Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and his wonderful Imaginary Friend (on The Perfect Quirk, June 24) was sharing space in the coveteded car CD slot with WIRED by Recess Monkey.  This is one my favorite CD’s this year.  I could go on and on about the entire CD. How they recorded in San Francisco with John Vanderslice, recorded it on 2″ tape, a minivan of unused instruments but I already did that in my interview with Drew Hollaway… Opening track Take Your Kid To Work Day is just electric mayhem (sounds like a name for a band…). Seriously this one song gets you pumped up for the whole day. Great funky bass, smokin’ guitar licks and primal drums rhythms all make you want to dance.  Lyrically it’s just so much fun as a kid describesrecess monkey segway a day at dad’s (or moms) workplace. The whole CD is reflected in the vibe of this one song which will be available to you on JUNE 17th.  GO!  This is an amazing CD and you should buy it on pre-sale today. Go support a kindie artist today!

Bass lines and Holiday gig

Bass_clef_(PSF)Today in a diner that I was having lunch in with my son (he ate like a champ) the music was hard to hear but the bass line was quite audible. Occasionally you could here the melody over the noise of the room. So I think I am listening to the bass line to America from Simon and Garfunkel… Wrong.  I was listening to Piano Man by Billy Joel.  Didn’t see that coming.  There were a few others including Queen with Crazy Little Thing Called Love but it was interesting how my brain would instantly fill in the words and melody in their absence.   Anyway…

Marina Grand entranceThe Poochamungas will be playing at the Marina Grand Resort on December 8th, 2013 from  for the Teddy Bear Tea. It’s 8 dollars per child and bring an unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots.   They’re having a party, a visit with Santa and we’re providing the live music.  The event runs from 1pm to 3pm.  We start rockin’ after the tea part at 2pm.  Call the Marina Grand Resort at  877.945.8600 for more details.  A link describing the event is posted below