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Miss Jaime at the Marianos


After school on Tuesday the kids and I went over to our local Mariano’s and caught local kindie artist Miss Jamie from the Farm.  I had met Jamie a few times, played a  fundraising show at Lincoln Hall and appeared on a CD (Band Together). But I never caught her solo act.  Jamie is high energy, interactive and a lot of fun for kids.  The show is20140603_160953 informative, corny and all things a show for kids about what happens on a farm should be. Puppets talk, kids dance, sing along and get some food education in the process.  In addition to the stick and comedy Jamie’s vocal chops are excellent and she’s solid on the guitar as well.  If you have young kids (4 and under) I would highly recommend checking her out at a Mariano’s near you.  They usually post when she’s coming in the front of the store but click here for her full schedule.  Your kids will have a moo-rrific time.

Next week and tomorrow is the Big Day

Next week here at A Man, A Band and A Plan I will have a couple of bonified super duper interviews.  First I have a talk with Drew Holloway of Recess Monkey discussing the musical growth of the Recess Monkey who play some pretty darn cool music.  Then it’s a  return to the Song and the Process and an interview with Dan Zanes and one of my all time favorite songs Wonder Wheel!  Stop on by next week it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

tim stolie

Human Tim and Super Stolie!

Tomorrow the Poochamungas take the stage at Lincoln Hall.  many of Chicago’s finest kindie rockers will be there playing a couple of songs and acting all kinds of silly.  The rehearsal on Thursday went well and was really a lot of fun.  Getting to hang out and play music is the whole idea anyway.  There was food, beverages and a whole lot of good music. The show looks to be a great time so go and get your tickets today! Remember it’s SATURDAY, MARCH 8 AT 3PM.


Special Guest Guitarist this Saturday

When the Poochamungas take the stage this Saturday, March 8th, 3pm at Lincoln Hall they will be doing so with special guest guitarist Mike Flemming!  Poochamungas regular guitarist Pedro is unavailable so Mike is stepping in which means if your at the show you may see him play with two bands.  Mike is the regular guitarist for Istvan and His Imaginary Band.  Let me tell you his guitar playing is anything but imaginary.  It’s gonna be a great time. Come on out and dance the afternoon away and raise money for a good cause!!!band together bands