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Happy Easter and recording next Sunday!!!

The bunny eared Pooch

The bunny eared Pooch!

A very Happy Easter to all the Poochamungas fans.  Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Sunday as we are right now.  All the sunless lousy weather days make you appreciate days like today.  We spent the morning riding bikes and playing guitars out in front of the house.  I hope to get a walk in while my son naps.  If you missed an earlier post I have a fitness bet with Jeff Bogle at Out With The Kids (Kindie Rock Fitness Challenge) so I have to stay after it.  You can read about it here or follow on twitter at #alittleless fat.   I suggest you go enjoy the weather and I promise to do the same.  Fitness walk here I come.


Next Sunday we hope to complete the Poochamungas Next CD Block Party!  We’re  headed back to Kingisize to add some instruments, vocals and final mixing and mastering.  If you’ve visited our Reverbnation page some of the new songs have been posted and we gave away some free downloads as well.  We shall be posting some more new songs  in the future as well.  We have pushed the release date to July so we can properly promote the CD this time. Photos, PR and other stuff to do before the release.  Lots to do, Lots to do!

Kindiefest, getting fit and tomorrows show.

Brroklyn Academy of Music

Brroklyn Academy of Music

I have talked about  Kindiefest coming up at the of April and how my band failed to get selected for the showcase and about moving forward.  Which is what I am doing.  Still chasing leads and applying for gigs. Still working to complete the new CD .  Still promoting, rehearsing, scheduling, writing and practicing at home.  So I am going to Kindiefest because even though I’m not showcasing, which would have been nice (but expensive to put up the whole band with travel), I still need to spread the music of the Poochamungas.  Plus I get to see some old friends,  make some new ones and learn a thing or two from the panels.  Brooklyn here I come. 


While I am headed off to Kindiefest I offered a challenge and a bet to my friend Jeff Bogle.  We are both looking to get in better shape and I offered a bet on losing weight.   He accepted.  We established that the greatest % of weight lost  from now till the Fest would be the winner.  The loser would be required to wear the T-shirt belonging  to the team they most despise.  Jeff roots for FC Barcelona so he shall have to wear Real Madrid.Real Pink

I am a White Sox fan so I would have to wear (this is only theoretical since I plan on winning the bet) the dreaded cubs. 

 Jennifer Connely in the dilemma 

I used Jennifer Connely to make the shirt bearable.  The winner supplies said T-shirt.  I’m liking the Real Madrid shirt in pink but the louder the better…  The thing is when your Rolling with the Bogle (see previous entry here), things seem to get bigger.  And the bet did.  He called me out on a blog podcast!  He also invited others to join us in the challenge.    He call it  The Kindie Rock Fitness Challenge.  So I’m all in.  Come join us at #alittlelessfat.  Get in shape, lose some weight and Jeff my friend… It’s on like Donkey Kong!



Last but not least is our show.  We are playing at one of the best venues in Chicago.  The Poochamungas are at Schubas this Saturday, March 23rd at 3pm.  We have some brand new songs, favorite songs and a great new show.  We promise to rock yer socks off and bring loads of silliness as well.  See you there!