Because it’s the right thing.

oren miller

As a firefighter it seems I donate to a lot of causes when at the firehouse. Whether I’m buying Girl Scout Cookies ( I definitely don’t NEED the cookies) or raffle tickets for a firefighter in need I always try to make the donation.  This sometimes drives my wife crazy but in my mind it’s the right thing to do.  It’s what we as firefighters do all the time.  Act where and when there is a need.  No time to be a bystander because people are counting on you. Some will stand around as crisis happens hoping others will take care of the problem (in case of actual fire please call the fire department). I also act out of selfish reasons.  Someday I may need assistance and certainly hope at that time others intervene on my behalf.  Right now I’m giving you the opportunity to act for a good cause. Don’t be that bystander.  My colleague and fellow Dad Blogger Oren Miller found out he has stage 4 lung cancer. It went quickly from back pain to the hospital  WTF?  We’re asking help for Oren, his wife and  two children in their time of need.  Let them know that they aren’t alone.  We need you to act! Donating to link below if you can and by spreading the word.  Oren Miller started a Dad Blogger  group and has helped and supported many others in the genre including yours truly.  Now we’re doing the same for him.  Please help us in this cause. Don’t wait for someone else to act.   Click here to Give Back To Oren today and thanks for the help.


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