NEW CD’s you should check out!

Fire Engineering School is over and I am back to a normal like schedule.  That time allows me to once again write, make and listen to music.  Been quieter than usual around here but I got a couple of CD’s worth sharing. These are two CD’s I really liked this time around…


Monsters - Book smallerYAY! Seanster and the Monsters.  Sean and I are friends so I have been privyYAYCover to early tracks and I was very excited to finally hear the finished product.  It does not disappoint.  Yay Dolphins jump starts the music party (who knew they protected us from Monsters!) and They Can’t (my other favorite) is smart and funny with a funky groove.  This is a CD full of fun for the whole family. One of the best CD’s I’ve heard this year.   On  May 1st  go support a Canadian kindie artist when it becomes available.


Bari_ElbowBand_300dpiThe Apple Tree and The Honey Bee Bari Koral Family Band.  This time BariBariKoral_ATHB_W139_FIN_o who is pretty well known in the kindie world headed down to Nashville to record this CD with Brad Jones (Alex the Great Recording).  The first half has a joyous pop feel with Apple Tree and Birthday.  But don’t count out the country sound as the latter half has a definite Nashville feel with songs like Fall Down and Back to the Farm.  It’s a high quality fun CD worth a purchase when it becomes available on May 13th.

So go support independant kids music and be sure to check back as we delve into some more Song and the Process and other fun stuff next week!


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