Basement CD discovery!

Well after searching for a lost item in my basement (Think first scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark) I came upon a trove of music I had not listened to.  Forgotten CD’s misplaced on a shelf in the catacombs of my house.  Anyway… I have been burning them to my hard drive and listening and here are few worth checking out.

bill keithIt’s not fair to me Bill Harley and Keith Munslow.  These guys have been friends for a long time and the fun they’re having translates to the fun you’ll have listening to this CD.  Lots of humor and great music not to mention the first song was the result of a pick a song title contest!  Nicely done guys!

greatest party everThe Greatest Party EverTim and the Space Cadets.  Before he started hanging out with Chica on “The Sunnyside Up Show”  Tim was rocking out and putting out some stellar videos.  This EP release has one of the greatest kids songs ever written called Superhero. Superhero also has an amazing video which you can check out below. Highly recommended for you kindie library

the mighty skyThe Mighty SkyBeth Neilsen Chapman.  This CD got nominated for a Grammy this year.  While many quaility songs are on this, There Is No Darkness is a personal favorite (see video below.) The astronomy theme is well played on this disc but no ones gonna notice when they’re rockin out to Rockin’ Little Neutron Star!

Go support an artist today!!!


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