My TV debut

I arrived 15 minutes earlier than the prescribed 10:30 call as I wanted to be ready for action when I did my 4 minute cooking spot for WGN news Firehouse cooks segment.  I had just unpacked all my gear and food, getting everything ready when I realized I had forgot the turkey.   Being that turkey is in the title of  the 2-11 Turkey Chili this was a bit of a setback.  It was actually back in the fridge at home where I had left it.  Well I let Christine (person assisting me I forget her title) know and quickly drove over to the local supermarket, purchased items and returned to the studio in 15 minutes.  Lucky for me I had already had everything else staged and prepped (chopped and diced the night before).  It was now ten minutes to 11am and I had to be ready by 11:22am for the promo shot.  No problem.  My pre-made chili was warming up and the water for my hot dogs was ready as well. (If your making chili you should always make chili dogs!)  The meat was sauteing with the onions and peppers. I left half a green pepper ready for the promo shot giving me something to chop (so I could look chef-ly). Dropped in a jar of salsa and crushed tomatoes. and got ready with my re-fried black beans and regular black beans to put in on camera. I was hooked up to a mic and ready to go. At this point that I am cooking on an electric stove top on wheels and it has digital slide control.  My pre-made chili is warming, my hot dog water is boiling and the new chili is simmering nicely… or so I thought.  So we get to the segment and Steve Sanders is a mist gracious host and makes me look good. I am also wearing a new firehouse t-shirt as to not embarrass the wife with a stained old one.  You ask how did most of my firehouse t-shirts get stained?  Cooking in the firehouse. But I digress… Steve immediately gives a plug for the Poochamungas and our first CD Mud, Mommies and Mayhem. We then segue into the chili I am making and why I choose to use black beans instead of chili beans and you can see it all at the link below.  Well right after I answer that he asks the question of where the band is playing next.  It’s Lincoln Hall on March 8th for the Band Together benefit.  He then wraps it up and I smell something burning.  Seems my simmering pre-cooked chili is now on high and burning. Oops.  No idea how that happened.  Not only that now we gotta get everything out of the set because there is another cooking segment coming up (making baby food) and I pour Steve a bowl of the burnt chili and warn him. The stage hand says time to leave.  We place all of the materials on a cart and we are out.  In the hallway I set up the hot dogs, chili and chips for the station workers to eat.  Pack up all my pots, pans, spoons and knife and head out to my car.  In all the hustle to get ready I forgot to take pics.  Here is a token pic of the buffet I left behind.  20140227_114802What is amazing is how much work and preparation it to  shoot that 4 minute segment.   I’d also like to thank the WGN staff for their help.  Maybe one day we’ll get the band on there.  Perhaps…  Check out the link below for the whole segment.


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