Where have all the shovelers gone? Snow removal wanted!

Snow removal wantedThis piece was inspired by a conversation with fellow firefighters John Delk and Chris Wyer…

When I was a kid snow time was awesome.  Snow forts, snowman, snowball fights and especially sledding on the hill in between the Central Avenue on ramp which was walking distance. Only a block away (The city eventually leveled it out).  Sledding was our #1 activity afterschool.  But we also were opportunist enough to make a few bucks.  Starting at the age of 12 I would ask neighbors, especially elderly neighbors if I could shovel for a few dollars.  This was always good for a few bucks in my pocket.  I even had a couple of regular customers.  This included shoveling out the front sidewalk, gangway and garage. 30 minutes would get you about $3. Not worth it you say.   This was 1981.  Minimum wage was $3.10. Two houses and I had 6 bucks for my trouble.  Today the pay is much better but in the last 10 years at my present address I have had only one offer to shovel and that was on a light dusting of a day.  I have never seen them since.  Maybe the kids have too much homework?  Maybe they’re signed up for too many afterschool activities? Maybe they’re too busy with the Playstation.  All I know is If somebody had knocked on my door this year I would of happily paid them 20 bucks.  If your a high school kids looking to make a dollar stop on by.  Borrow dad’s snowblower!  Now if you’ll excuse me…  It’s time to gear up again and go shove


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