DELETEDIn case anyone forgot other than me.  I wrote here yesterday about writing a new song for an hour and after the post spent a few more hours and left it for the night. Well it is gone! Not in my laptop.  The rough idea and some verses were written but some of the new stuff I had typed in is GONE!  It seems either my son deleted them (always good to have a fall guy… not really) or more likely I managed to shut down without saving it as I usually do.   The PC would usually prompt me to save or lose it but I have no recall of this.  I also failed to get an audio recording which I usually do as well. So I am reworking the song this morning and still having problems with the bridge. So please fellow songwriters remember to SAVE YOUR WORK!  Have a nice day.


2 responses to “SAVE YOUR WORK

  1. This happened to me before! DREAD is the only word for it!