Hertiage Littles and next weeks guest

heritage-littles-main-interiorThis afternoon the band had the oppurtunity to play a gig at the Milk and Cookies bar called Heritage Littles located at 2868 N Lincoln Ave in Chicago.  To be honest I had no idea how this gig was going to go.  We went in as a power trio with Frank on Drums, Don on Bass and this guy playing acoustic guitar and singing.  Having never played the venue I had no expectations but knew that if we had 5 or 50 we give 100% at every show we play.  Well we had a super duper large crowd and many active dancers not to mention a few future roadies.  It was a really great show and we had a great time.  Hopefully Miss Jaime (fellow kindie artist and venue organizer) invites us back to play the Milk and Cookies series again cause it was a really great time. Thanks so much for having us.

Okee Dokees at Grammy Show

Okee Dokees at Grammy Show

Next weeks songwriter guest is none other than half of the Grammy award winning duo Okee Dokee Brothers  Joe Mailander.  Not only did I get to talk about one of my favorite songs off of one of my all time favorite CD’s Can You Canoe?  They’ll be in town for a show on Sunday, February 9th at the Old Town School of Folk Music!  They are truly two of the best songwriters and performers you’ll get a chance to see.  So order your tickets and remember to tune in back here as we discuss one of my favorite songs for The Song and the Process.  Here is one of my favorite moments on their last DVD about writing a song.


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