Skating Fun with family and friends

Skatium-exterior-nightMy daughter got another year older last week and to celebrate we had a skating party today.  It was at the Skokie Skatium and what a great time we had.  They cost is $205 plus skate rental ($2.50) and you can invite up to 50 people.  You get an hour to eat and the an hour of private skating time in the studio rink. You bring your own food, beverages and cake. Pizza Hut is running a 50% off internet deal which was so very cost effective!  First you eat, followed by cake and off to skate. 1 hour of private rink time. We had plenty of adults to assist with the skating and cones were available as well.

A little help

A little help

There is no better encouragement for new skaters than to see fellow kids having fun and having people there to help them learn to skate with positive reinforcement.  I will not be surprised if a few kids start taking skating lessons after today. As for myself I did manage a few laps around the rink. By the third lap some muscle memory did kick in. Maybe lessons in my near future?   I was glad everyone had a lot of fun and maybe we’ll do it again next year!


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