A couple quick CD reviews

human timLast week I went to the first ever Chicago Kindie artist meet-up. We had pizza and discussed venues, a collaborative show and CD, etc.  Some of us swapped CD’s as well.  My favorite way of getting new music.  Today in my car I was playing two of the CD’s I received.  First up was Human-Tim+Robot-Tim You are an Astronaut.  This is a CD already shown props by ZooGlobble and Mr Jeff2000.  It’s an joyous effort by a man who’s been rocking the Chicago scene for a few years now.  The quality of the CD is excellent and noticed it was mixed at the same place the Poochamungas use, Kingsize Sound Labs in Chicago.  The stand out tune for me is Little Bob’s Big Day. You immediately recognize the homage to Bob Dylan and it’s just a great song written from a kids perspective. My Friend Paul  is a quirky little pop ditty about animal friends. Definitely songs that should be heard on Kids Place Live.  It’s a CD worth buying. Click the link below.


Istvan Sweet!The other artist who swapped with me was Istvan and His Imaginary Band.  I had read abut them playing local venues but had never crossed paths with them.  The Rock Father (James Zahn’s review is here) had asked me about them and was impressed with one of their CD’s but I had not heard them at that time.  Well their was no disappointment in listening to their Sweet! CD either.  The rock it with both kinds of guitar (acoustic AND electric), relate-able lyrics and a rockin’  jump out of you seat rhythm thang!  I think I lived the second track Too Much Stuff.  That and Makes Me Happy are both songs deserving airplay as are all the tune on this record.  Fine work indeed. So go support this and buy it at the link below


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