Childrens classics… To record or not to record.

Today I spent to much time on facebook talking about recording classic kids songs.    It was a thread started by blogger Jeff Bogle of Out With The Kids.  My opinion is that if you record an album filled only with songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider and No More Monkeys the same way it’s always been done it’s cheap and lazy.  Cheap because all those songs fall under public domain so you don’t have to pay royalties and lazy because your just doing what someone else already did. Many times.  I am not saying that classic kids music shouldn’t be played live in front of audiences big and small. Or that a occasional tune among your other songs isn’t cool.   The reason the songs are still sung is that they have stood the test of time.  Kids like singing them and parents remember them.  All I am asking is that if your gonna lay one down on a recording please make the song your own. If a person was to write a book exactly like another book but changed the author what would be the point?( Plus then it’s called plagiarism.)  If your going record “classic songs” remember to own them.  The Boogers do a great job of this.  It all comes down to excellence.  Making great music.  Which should be the whole point of making a recording anyway.  The Rock Father also did a feature on this recently and you can check out that posting below.


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