My CD release week.

So it was quite a week to be sure.  The day my CD hit the internet shelves on October 8th (8 Days too late to enter the Grammy Competition) I found myself driving to a guitar shop in Evanston known as Guitar Works hurriedly.  It seems Nancy Chapin Carpenter was having guitar problems and I had been hired as the show runner (fancy name for gofer) for her and Shawn Colvin who were performing at the Northshore Center for Performing Arts Skokie.  So we packed up the guitar tech and her two guitars and off we went.  Then I got to hang around the guitar store and get paid for it.  I checked out some sweet guitars on the techs recommendations followed by a visit across the street for a malty beverage on a sidewalk café. It was 70 and sunny so not a bad place to be.  Then later for the tour manager I had to get some beer (Stella) and some food (sushi).  All in all a pretty quiet evening.  Then on Saturday I worked for Paula Poundstone as a driver.  She had a wedding to attend in Waukegan and asked the venue if they could provide a driver and I agreed to do it.  She couldn’t have been nicer.  I dropped her off at the wedding, went and had lunch, picked her up and returned to the hotel.  Then I went had dinner and worked the event as a bartender.  Did I mention that Kids Place Live played Bah Humbug Halloween right after I dropped off Paula at the wedding (I also heard it on the Animal fam this week as well).  Some airplay on CD release week is promising indeed!  So now that my CD is released and I have finished my Trilogy of what we can do to improve kindie visibility I shall have a couple music reviews this week and gig updates as well.


2 responses to “My CD release week.

  1. Awesome! I’ve been increasing my use of the term “kindie” since reading your posting about advancing the common cause.

    Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam

  2. FANTASTIC! Glad to hear it. Let’s all succeed together.