Support your local Blogger… and Jambo (didn’t see it coming)

This is the last in my trilogy of what we can do to help the kindie /kiddie/family music genre.  For an artist nothing beats getting a good review except an enthusiastic audience.  But in terms of the finished album, to hear that someone else gets your music and writes about it for others to read and discover is pretty tremendous!  Since we are in the age of the internet the blogs have replaced the magazines as the spokes model for music.  They replaced the zines because paper costs money and readership became non-existent because of the ease of blogs.  Good blogs will disappear for the same reason.  For a good blog to continue it needs to be read as well.  When you as an artist get a good review and your feeling all warm and fuzzy about it.  Remember to share this with your fan base.  I know some folks are uncomfortable “bragging” about themselves and the band.  Here come a familiar three words to this blog.  GET OVER IT!  While it is important for your music to be well reviewed it is EQUALLY important that you inform people to read about your good review.  Good blogs disappear without support.  It’s important that they have page views, good Alexa ratings, etc..  Especially if they have sponsors and do this for an income.  It does the blogger no good if they write you a great review and it generates no traffic to their site. They might as well be talking to themselves.  So spread the word by liking and sharing.  When you send a mass email link some of your great reviews.  It’s tough enough writing about kindie bands but when the bands themselves don’t promote their own product why expect writers to keep writing about it.  Be sure to like and share articles by the bloggers you like about other kindie music you like.  Your fans aren’t going anywhere and you’ll be helping yourself in the process by growing the platform which promotes your music.  I mention those that I support in the blog post below.

KINDIE cdJambo-Hootenanny

When I receive a CD I usually burn it to the laptop hard drive and then listen later when web surfing or writing blogs like this one.  Well one of those CD’s I burned didn’t transfer the artist or title to the PC and I was probably distracted by the kids so I didn’t label it and what not so it saved as unknown.   Anyway I was looking for an early track of mine of which a lot are in the unknown artist pile when I discovered an unfamiliar album.  So of course I cued it right up.  Well it was Jambo’s Hootenanny.  What a great sounding CD with the full band and horns (I so want a horn section on the next CD) and happy sound.  Lyrically it’s definitely for the younger set but musically it’s ageless.  They refer to themselves as American Roots and it fits.  The New Orleans sound on the title track Hootenanny hooks you quickly and the rolling country sound of Space Monkey takes you on a journey.  This is a really fun musical jaunt.  I highly suggest you go for the ride.  Go buy it today at the link below and support your local kindie artist (This CD was sent to me for the purpose of review and I still liked it!)


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