The Grammy nominations… and The Hipwaders?

Who do I vote for?  This is the question I will be asking myself soon as a voting member of the Recording Academy.  The Grammy ballot shall be arriving soon. Requests for votes usually come in a mass email asking that I vote for them. Poochamungas were not eligible this year as the release date had to be by September 3o as was the most legitimate kids awards the Fids and Kamily.  These artists are selected by people who actually listen to kindie music. The critics and bloggers who write about and promote it. But back to the Grammys.   Here’s my dilemma.  When I asked for help in promoting my CD the response from artists was very limited.  Now some of those artists asking me to vote for their CD.  Asking for my help.  Now I’m not asking people to suddenly start endorsing my band for votes or offering me money (Poochamungas ain’t playing no payola).  The truth is one can only listen to so much music during the year.  I am more likely to listen to the CD by a fellow artist that has helped me than one who hasn’t long before grammy voting appears.  Just as a sign of mutual respect.  Then to the music has too be excellent for me to vote for it.  If I haven’t listened I am probably not voting no matter how many times I get a” please vote for me” email.

Speaking of listening The Hipwaders have reclaimed the family car cd player.  The Golden State is one of our all time favorites and one of the best kindie CD’s ever made. Go buy it and thank me later.  You can also check out their latest single and video at the following link…


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