National Fire Safety Week ends today

It’s the end of National Fire Safety Week and since it’s Saturday the kids are home. Here are three things that you can do with your kids to help ensure the families safety.

  1. Change the batteries in all the smoke and CO detectors.  Check the date on them as well.  A nice rule to remember this is to check them when you change the clocks.  If they are older than 10 years replace them
  2. Pre-fire plan the house.  Make sure you have a meeting place in case of emergency.  Have the kids draw maps. Reinforces the meeting place and kids like to draw.
  3. Play hide and go seek in the house with your kids.  This lets you know the places they may run and hide in an emergency so you will know where to look.

If you want more on this please go to .  They have lots of great info and this years theme is prevention of kitchen fires.


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