Why I make music and Frances England gets it.

In all the work with PR, booking shows, rehearsing, entering contests and mailing CD’s, etc.,  because of the CD release.  You tend to forget why you started the whole thing to begin with.  The music.  I’m late to the game having started playing guitar at 30.  My fingers don’t work as they should after a lifetime of athletic abuse  but the fact I can strum 3 chords and make sounds that make sense brings me joy.  The fact that the band takes that music and lyrics and brings life to it for others amazes me and makes me grateful. To share that fun with others is why Poochamungas play shows and make recordings.   Tonight I’m listening to the  Frances England recording Blink of an Eye and she gets it.  The sharing of fun, hope and joy.  I am forced to listen on my headphones instead of the stereo as my wife watches TV in the same room.  What a great sonic experience. This is an album that deserves the headphone treatment.  With life running by you forget how good it is just to sit and listen to someone else’s expression of joy. Things like the happy bass line, snapping fingers and whurlitzer on Move Like Saturday Night.( The fact she talks about the love of music in the song says it all.)  Her dive into poppy electronica on Bicycle Built for Two (with Molly Ledford) is a whole lot of friendship fun.  Frances england blink of an eye But my favorite is the driving rythmic beat of guitars and simple percussion on Little Wings. The visual I associate in my head with the unnatural speed of my own young children running around. “Take it from me she runs like a cheetah…” Frances sings.  Truer words could not be spoken.   Of course she had this produced over at the happiness factory run by Dean Jones (seriously dude take a break! You earned it!)  This is really a great album.   Not because it gonna win, or won any awards but because she made some great music to share with the world.   Please go buy it so she can earn enough to make the next CD of great music.  Thank you Frances for the reminder that the music is the thing. The link to buy the CD is below.


This CD was sent to this reviewer and the opinions expressed are his own.

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