End of the summer too soon

Tomorrow my daughter goes back to school. The inevitable return.  The school year was moved up because of eliminating the different school tracks and putting all CPS on the same schedule.  We were left with a short summer because of the strike combined with this earlier starting date.  I know some parents are glad for the kids to be back.  I understand with sitters and work and camps and life it’s easier for some families when the kids are in school.  Well around here the Mrs. and I feel we just got our summer stride and it’s gone!  Not only does my girl return for 3rd grade, my boy starts preschool half days!  My year round partner is growing up too fast following in his sisters footsteps.  I won’t say that having a few hours in the morning isn’t a nice thing, it’s just that it could have waited another month. When I was ready for it.  Now is just too soon. Would of preferred a couple more bike rides, walks to the park and swimming in the neighbors pool.  But that’s the nature of the universe.  It always hands you today those thing you hope will land on a later day.  Well time to move forward. We still have some  warm weekends ahead.  Hope everyone had a great summer and here’s to a happy, safe and healthy school year.


2 responses to “End of the summer too soon

  1. I’m with you – no rush to see school begin. I like the pace of life in the summer. Kids seem happier and no h.w. to worry about.

  2. Agree on all points above. Hope you have a great school year!