A Poochamungas oversight

Boogers great new CD!

Boogers great new CD!

In my effort to get the CD done and all the conspiring factors that try to derail the process I forgot to add a couple of great guys to the liner notes who have been a great help here at Poochamungas HQ.  First would be Paul Crowe of the Boogers.  Not only is his new CD  power punk awesome like I reported earlier this month in Kindie vs. Kindie.  He is a sounding board and just all around good guy supportive of this thing we call kindie.   So go check out the Boogers music and buy a CD. Tell em’ I sent ya!  http://www.meet-the-boogers.com/

TheRockFather-150x150The other hometown guy who is most helpful to Poochamungas is father blogger extraordinaire  The Rock Father.  James always gives honest feedback and the fact he likes our music is a bonus because he has reported on a few CD’s that he doesn’t like (we both despise kidzbop).  Music isn’t all that he reviews.  Toys, movies, TV,  gardening and a separate for grow-ups category are all available.  James is a valuable resource in the blog world (been helpful to this page) and I suggest you check him out as well.   You’ll be glad you did.  http://www.therockfather.com/

So thank you to these two guy and the many others who help promote and advise the Poochamungas.  We’ll be thanking more people as we get closer to the release date so stay tuned!


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