Unforseen gig problem… solved!

The Priority  was to get the dryer working.  It spun but had no heat.  Luck had it that we had our block party yesterday and my neighbor/partner in crime Tom’s dad is a fix it wizard.  He was at the party and so he took a look and quickly diagnosed that the heat sensor/fuse to the rear vent had burned out.  Seems there was a bit of lint in the tube leading to the outside vent.  So after I diligently vacuumed out the tube he rigged it to work till I can get the part on Monday when all the appliance parts stores in Chicago open.  The good new is I get to have clean dry clothes for the gig today at the St. Helen Carnival!  Stop on by.  Also we’re gonna have some really cool news tomorrow so stay tuned!

st helens


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